Opportunity Alert: Jobs for International Students in Canada

Opportunity Alert- Jobs for International Students in Canada-min

As a foreign student in Canada, it may be best if you are working while continuing your studies. Some of the best part time jobs for students in Canada are mentioned below. To know more about jobs for international students in Canada, read below!

Part-Time Jobs for Foreign Students in Canada

Earning while you are still studying could be a really good idea. Especially if you are an international student in Canada. You can manage your expenses while also enjoying the freedom of independence. 

Do you know that, as of November 15th, 2022, international students with study permits can now work for an unlimited number of hours until the end 2023. They can do so during their school semesters. 

Below, we have presented some part-time jobs for international students in Canada. We will mention the average pay, and job descriptions too.
1. Ride-share Driver
Average pay:- $37,323 (annually), $19.14 (hourly)

Where students reside, ride sharing applications are quite popular there. However, the student should be at least 21 years of age, and also have in possession a valid driver’s license. They also need to have a smartphone, along with a car.
2 Freelancing
Average pay:- $57,583 (annually), $29.53 (hourly)

This category has many jobs in it. A freelancer is free to do any work they like. The freelancer has the freedom to set working hours and independence of setting their work rates too.
3. Teaching Assistants
Average pay:- $51,455 (annually), $26.39 (hourly)

One of the simplest jobs is being a teaching assistant. Most of the students go for this job position. This field also gives students teaching experience. This is especially good for students whose dreams are to become a teacher. 
4. Tutor
Average pay: $40,074 (annually), $30 (hourly)

This job allows students to earn good money while continuing their studies. Students can set their own prices, duties, and how many hours they wish to dedicate to the job. 

Look for Jobs Here!

Below, let’s discuss some of the places from which an international student can secure a job. The websites we will mention are reliable sources to get a job from.

  • JobBank.ca
  • LinkedIn
  • Workopolis
  • CanadaVisa Job Search Tool
  • Indeed
  • Magnet
  • LeapGrad
  • TalentEgg
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