Reasons: Australia Imposing Ban on Indian Students

Reasons: Australia Imposing Ban on Indian Students

Latest News “Australian Imposing Ban on Indian Students” The new Indian student ban and restrictions imposed by five Australian universities are expected to affect thousands. The incident was disclosed just one day before Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese comes to India to strengthen trade and investment ties. So, let’s start to know why Indians are getting rejected for Australian visas.

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Which Australian Universities Imposing Ban On Indian Students? 

Some universities have imposed limitations on Indian candidates. These Australian universities are:

  1. Victoria University
  1. University of Wollongong (UOW)
  1. Torrens University
  1. Edith Cowan University (ECU)
  1. Federation University Australia
  1. Western Sydney University
  1. Agents working for Southern Cross University

What Is the Reason for The Ban on Indian Students?

An application is fraudulent or fake if the applicant does not plan to study at the university to which it was submitted. Instead, the applicant intends to use their study visa to work lawfully in Australia. Hence, Its Home Affairs Department stated that the vast majority of these requests were possibly fake and rejected 94% of them.

Universities around Australia have discovered that 50% or more of the accepted students have yet to attend classes. So, Because of this fraudulent behavior, the Australian government decided to ban Indian students’ visas.

Which states are affected the Indian student ban?

Students from these states are subject to restrictions and prohibitions. So, here the states that were affected:

  1. Punjab
  1. Haryana
  1. Uttar Pradesh
  1. Rajasthan
  1. Gujarat
  1. Jammu
  1. Kashmir
  1. Uttarakhand

Will the Indian Student Ban Harm Genuine Applicants?

SBS Punjabi spoke with numerous Australian universities, which expressed worry that the restriction might hinder legitimate applicants from studying in Australia. So, Torrens University spokeswoman said that only very strong, high-quality applications with the support of its agent in India will be accept.

According to the Herald, Victoria University regional recruitment manager Alex Hanlon has notified education agents of the adjustments. This was “an effort to strengthen the profile of students from areas where we have seen increased visa risks,” according to Hanlon.

Another university spokesman stated that among the limits will be “assessing gaps” in an applicant’s academic history. So, this will assess whether they are appropriately qualified, prepared to study in Australia, and can sustain themselves.

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