Truck Driver Jobs in British Columbia Highly in Demand!

Truck Driver Jobs in British Columbia Highly in Demand!

Recently, there have been a number of job vacancies for truck driver jobs in British Columbia showing up on various job hunting websites. 

If you want to get employment in Canada, you should get a Canadian work visa so you can work there. 

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Is British Columbia Hiring Truck Drivers? 

There are hundreds of job opportunities for truck drivers, especially in the Canadian province of British Columbia. 

This special province is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, so people working there get to enjoy a little of the ocean as well as the mountains. 

The news of this province looking for hundreds of truck drivers came as Job Bank posted many open vacancies. 

Since many transportation companies and agencies are in need of drivers, both federal and provincial governments are making immigration easier. Those who are looking to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver, and work there, would find it much easier to get a work permit or even permanent residency. 

Hourly Wages?

The rate of hourly wages vary and depend on the qualifications as well as the negotiation skills of the candidate and the company hiring. However, the median hourly rate remained around $25. 

If you have good driving skills and manage to grab a good job, you could even get to earn $40 on an hourly basis. 

Moreover, it must be kept in mind that truck drivers even have chances to earn bonuses if they go the extra mile. Literally. Meaning if a truck driver has been working overtime, they could also be paid by the kilometer. 

Where to Apply?

One can use different ways to apply for a truck driver job in British Columbia. There’s Job Bank, LinkedIn, and Indeed as popular and trusted job searching sites. If nothing, one could go to the official website of the company for which they would like to work for and apply for the job, in case it is hiring. 

There are over 700+ job vacancies available in British Columbia alone. One could find them posted on Job Bank

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