Two Canadian Provinces Conducted Latest PNP Draws

The first of the PNP draw of the month was held on 02 May 2024. The provinces that conducted these draws were Manitoba and Prince Edward Island. Altogether, 947 candidates were invited to apply for provincial nomination.

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Manitoba Latest PNP Draw

The latest MPNP draw was conducted to invite candidates to apply to the following streams:

488 candidates have received the chance to apply to the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream. Since it was an occupation-specific selection, candidates were invited if they were already working in the province in highly in-demand occupations. Take a look at the following targeted NOCs for this draw:

NOC CodesSub-Major GroupsMajor Groups
33102 (Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates)731 (General construction trades)12 (Administrative and financial supervisors and specialized administrative occupations)
60020 (Retail and wholesale trade managers)14 (Administrative and financial support and supply chain logistics occupation)
22 (Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences)

From the International Education Stream, 427 profiles declared that they met the eligibility requirements of the stream, and hence received Letters of Advice to Apply to it. 

As for the Skilled Worker Overseas stream,26 profiles declared that they were directly invited under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, and hence, invited. The score of the lowest-ranking candidate invited was 796 EOI points. 


In the most recent PEI PNP draw conducted, 6 candidates received invitations if they were already working in the province in one of the two following sectors:

  • Healthcare 
  • Construction

The Expression of Interest (EOI) system of Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program selects and invites candidates based on the following factors:

  • Education 
  • Language 
  • Skills
  • Strategic Priorities 
  • Other factors 

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