Why Submit Translated Documents with Immigration Application?

Why Submit Translated Documents with Immigration Application_

In case your immigration application is in a foreign language, you need to submit it in either French or English. IRCC not only requests but also requires immigration applications to be submitted in either of the official languages of Canada. Furthermore, the IRCC report shows us that Canada is really becoming one of the favorite places of Indians.

Submit Translated Documents

Let’s understand the need of submitting your immigration application along with translated documents in case they are in foreign language. 

First of all, this is a requirement of the IRCC or the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to provide translated documents. According to the IRCC, all foreign language documents supporting application for immigration need to be submitted with translated documents. The language should either be in French or English. A certified official translator must translate these documents. 

And, if an applicant fails to abide by then their document may be considered as incomplete, or even face refusal. 

What do we Understand from the Case of Hasan Gorgulu?

If we take the case of Hasan Gorgulu, then we can see the importance of submitting translated documents. Mr Gorgulu, who is a citizen of Turkey, applies for a PRRA or a pre-removal risk assessment to IRCC. This assessment is actually an application that a person submits in case they are facing deportation from Canada. But they cannot go back to their home country since their life could be in danger there. 

In order to support his application, Hasan provided three documents, however the language of the documents was Turkish. Nevertheless, he did provide English copies of these documents, but the issue was that the documents were not certified. 

Hence, the IRCC officer refused his application. 

From this case, we understand the need for certified translated documents to support an immigration application. 

Thus, Canadian immigrants, not just current immigrants but also future ones, can learn a lot from  this case. In case they don’t provide an accurate, and certified translation of documents, then direct consequences would be on immigration application. 

If you understand what the Canadian Government requires in the immigration application, then you could submit the application without any errors. All prospective as well as current immigrants should understand the needs of the government to know how to submit the documents properly. 

Check out the official website of Canada Government to have access to many resources and get updated on new information as well.

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