Work Permit Holders Can Now Study for 6+ Months in Canada!

Work Permit Holders Can Now Study for 6+ Months in Canada!

IRCC recently announced that work permit holders can now study for 6+ months in Canada, and they won’t even require a study permit for that! On 27th June. 2023, the Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announced some ease in visa restrictions. This removal of barriers will ensure that the existing workers in Canada are given a chance to become more skilled. 

IRCC says that those on a work permit can now enroll themselves in programs that are longer than 6 months. The previous limitations stopped a work permit holder from pursuing a course of study that would be longer than 6 months. 

So, if you are also working on a Canadian work visa and would like to start your studies in Canada then this might be a golden chance for you. Don’t let this opportunity go! 

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What does the IRCC say on this? 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada recognizes the value of international workers and the skills they bring to Canada. Moreover, IRCC is actively working towards making it easier for foreign workers to work in Canada, and solving other related issues. Recently, IRCC made family reunification easier, and now it has allowed temporary workers to pursue courses they couldn’t before. 

Earlier, those on a temporary work permit could only apply for a program that was 6 months long or less. But after this change, they have the full opportunity to apply for any program, as long as it is not longer than the validity period of their work permit. 

Since this visa restriction ease is only temporary, it will still last around 3 years. During this time period, international workers have the option to study full or part-time. And there’s no restrictions on the program’s length as well. 

How does it benefit foreign workers? 

This measure is set to benefit foreign workers as well as the Canadian economy, as it is giving the workers to learn new skills which they would be able to use wherever they work. 

As mentioned before, earlier to this change, non-permanent workers still had a chance to study while working in Canada, but they were bound by the program’s length. If they wanted to apply for a program that was longer than 6 months, then they needed a study permit on top of a work permit. 

The number of international workers who want to study further while working is quite considerable. This measure will especially help those workers who are looking to improve their skills and get some foreign credentials through particular programs. 

Moreover, when an international worker has a higher level of education, it would increase their chances of getting permanent residency. How? Well, higher education means a higher CRS score.

Who is eligible?

Those with a valid work permit, and those who still have to receive a decision on their work permit extension as of 27th June, 2023, are eligible for this measure. 

One more thing, if a temporary foreign worker has a soon expiring work permit and they want to pursue a program that is longer than the validity of their work permit, they need to apply for a separate study permit. 

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