Express Entry Draw- 700 Candidates Invited in Unexpected Draw

Express Entry Draw- 700 Candidates Invited in Unexpected Draw

The latest Express Entry draw, round 253 is here and it has issued a total of 700 invitations. The invitations issued to eligible candidates from not one, but all programs. The CRS cut off this time reached 511, which is much higher than that of the last time. 

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#253 Express Entry Draw: 4 July, 2023 

Date: 4 July, 2023

ITAs: 700

CRS Cut-off: 511

Draw Type: All Program 

As we can see, it was simply an all program draw, where eligible candidates from the Express Entry pool of candidates received invitations. These candidates receive invitations which welcomes them to come apply for Canadian permanent residency. 

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Details of the Draw

The 253rd Express Entry draw is rather surprising as it was not expected that they would come out so soon after IRCC announced that the next round of Express Entry Category-based draw inviting 1,500 healthcare workers will come out on 5 July. 

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Moreover, from the past draws we can see that they usually come out on wednesdays. However, since the last few draws, they have been coming out on days such Thursday and Tuesday. Now take the Express Entry draw 250, they were held on a Thursday, and draw 251 on a Tuesday. 

Further, it is expected that the next Express Entry will most likely be held on 5th July. These are special draws as they will be inviting candidates from a specific occupation only to battle the dire labor shortages experienced in the healthcare industry of Canada. Also, yes, that particular occupation is healthcare occupations. 1,500 candidates belonging to this occupation would be able to apply for Canadian permanent residency, on a certain CRS score, which is not yet known.

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