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1112 NOC code is the unit group of financial and investment analysts. Though the NOC code has changed, the name of the unit group remains the same. So, the new one is the 11101 NOC code, still for Financial and Investment Analysts. These analysts have great career scope in both private as well as public sectors. 

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1112 NOC Code: An Introduction of Financial and Investment Analysts

Who are financial analysts and investment analysts? The work of such analysts consists of collecting and analyzing information that is financial in nature. 

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This information includes a financial background of companies, economic forecasts, historical performances and future trends of stocks, trading volumes and capital’s movement, bonds, and other investment instruments that offer financial and investment advice, and they also provide financing advice for their company as well as the company’s clients. 

Their areas of study and evaluation include private placements, takeover bids, acquisitions, or mergers. 

As mentioned above, both the private and public sectors have an abundance of jobs for such analysts. Financial analysts are commonly hired by investment companies, banks, insurance companies, trust companies, brokerage houses, manufacturing firms, underwriting firms, utility companies, etc. Whereas investment analysts easily find jobs in fund management companies and brokerage houses. 

What Job Roles does the 1112 NOC Code perform?

Let’s take a closer look at the job roles and responsibilities each of these analysts perform. 

Financial Analysts

  • They need to plan both long-term and short-term cash flows. They also assess financial performance. 
  • Evaluation of financial risks, financial scenarios, preparation of financial forecasts, and evaluation of other documents that are concerned with capital management is done by them. They write reports and recommendations too. 
  • They follow up on financing projects with financial bankers. 
  • Financial analysts provide advice as well as participate in financial contract aspects. Moreover, they have to call for tender. 
  • They analyze investment projects too. 
  • Analysts have to prepare a regular risk profile for debt portfolios. 
  • They need to develop as well as update financial or treasury policies. 
  • They use tools, develop these tools and implement them for managing and analyzing financial portfolios. 
  • Apart from all that, they also assist in preparing investment and operating budgets. 

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Investment Analysts

  • Investment analysts have a lot of responsibilities such as examining and analyzing financial statements and investment information collected. This includes stock and bond prices, profiles of companies, yields and future trends, and other investment information. 
  • They collect investment and financial information about companies and forms, stocks, bonds, and other investments with the use of economic forecasts, company financial statements, trading volumes, securities manuals, financial periodicals, and some other financial reports and publications. 
  • They prepare economic outlooks, company, and industry outlooks, analytic reports, correspondence, and briefing notes. 
  • Analysts give out investment advice, pension fund managers, and recommendations to clients, senior company officials, securities agents, and associates. 

Employment Requirements of 1112 NOC Code

What do you think are the employment requirements to become financial and investment analysts? Let’s check them out next!

  • You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, accounting, commerce, or economics. You should also have some on-the-job training and industry courses and programs. 
  • A master’s degree in business administration or finance is usually required. 
  • The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is usually required. 
  • Some employers may also require the employee to have designations such as Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). 

Job Titles as Part of 11101 NOC Code

  • Assistant Financial Analyst
  • Bond Analyst
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Investment Adviser
  • Cost Financial Analyst
  • Finance and Commercial Affairs Analyst
  • Financial Analysis Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Services Economic Analyst
  • Financial Services Research Associate
  • Fiscal Projections Consultant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Consultant
  • Junior Financial Analyst
  • Money Market Analyst
  • Mutual Fund Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Regional Financial Analyst
  • Securities Analyst
  • Securities Research Analyst
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Senior Investment Officer
  • Senior Planning and Return Analyst
  • Senior Planning and Yield Analyst
  • Senior Treasury Analyst
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Treasury Manager

Job Titles Excluded from 11101 NOC Code

  • 41402- Business Development Officers Market Researchers and Analysts
  • 41401- Economists and Economic Policy Researchers and Analysts
  • 11102- Financial Advisors
  • 11103- Securities Agents, Investment Dealers, and Brokers

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