Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


In the first year of nomination, Manitoba invited 418 immigrants, and currently, Manitoba issues more than 10000 invitations for the immigrants. It is also considered one of the easiest PNP. In this blog, we will discuss Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) and all the FAQs about the program. We will tell you the answer to the five most common questions related to Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba is one of the most famous provinces of Canada among immigrants. It was one of the first provinces ever to offer a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

One of the famous questions is how can we get into Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program? One can get into the MPNP through streams offered by Manitoba. Basically, there are two types of streams under MPNP-

  • Enhanced stream 
  • Basic stream

The enhanced stream is directly aligned with federal Express entry whereas the basic stream is totally controlled by the provincial administration. Under the basic stream, there are sub-streams. These substreams are: Skilled Worker Program, International Graduate Stream, and Business Investor Stream.  

In the enhanced stream, firstly you need to submit the EOI (Expression of Interest), then if you have the satisfying CRS points then you will get the nomination.

Provincial Nominee Program in Manitoba

How much time does Provincial Nominee Program in Manitoba take? This is also one of the most asked questions. Each and every province has its own way of nomination. Some might invite a few hundred, and some issue more than thousands of ITAs. Currently, MPNP takes near about 6 months of time to assess the application and it takes about 1 year for the whole process. When we look at the enhanced stream, Manitoba might nominate someone from the Express pool if they require the labor force. One should know that the Manitoba administration can only nominate, it can’t intervene in the federal PR process.

The next question we see so many times is “what are the steps to apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?”. In this section we will discuss about the steps to apply for MPNP. Although the steps for the Provincial Nominee Program of every province are quite similar, below are the steps to apply for MPNP.

For applying you must be eligible first for the MPNP-

1. Six months of work experience in any of the required NOC code

2. Required language proficiency. For this applicant should have enough CLB marks.

3. Education qualification and the job offer.

4. One should have required settlement funds.

5. Each and every province runs this nomination program to make sure that immigrants can help their economy and workforce requirements. It would be great if you have a plan to invest in Manitoba, this can also help you get the nomination.

These were the requirements of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Below are the steps to apply.

  • The first step is to choose the right pathway for yourself.
  • Second, you need to submit the EOI. For this, you need to go to the official website of Manitoba. After creating the profile you can easily submit the Expression of Interest.
  • An applicant with the best attributes and with the best profile with high points will receive the LAA ( letter of advice to apply)
  • After getting the nomination now you can apply for the PR.

Another interesting question we get on the internet regarding the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is whether one should have a connection with the province for MPNP. The answer is quite simple, yes we do need the connection with the province. It’s not mandatory but the province does prioritize applicant who has the enthusiasm to work for Manitoba. As we have mentioned above, the province of Manitoba runs this program just to support the economy and worker requirements of the province. It naturally becomes easier to settle where you have worked in the past, studied, or have a family. You might get more priority or attention if you have a connection in the province.

These were a few of the important questions people have in their minds related to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Manitoba Program

What is the cost of the Manitoba program? I decided to answer this question because finance is quite an important aspect of any program. In this section, we will discuss the entire cost of the application process and the money one needs. The whole processing fee for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is 500 Canadian Dollars. You need to have the additional settlement funds too, to prove that you can sustain your family there. Minimum 10,000 CAD are required to have as the settlement funds. If you have a spouse or common-law partner and dependents then you need to have an additional 2000 CAD. 

If you have any more queries then you can contact the immigration consultant to know more about it.

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