Express Entry Processing Time & Fees

Express Entry Processing Time and Fees

Express Entry is one of the most well-known pathways for immigration in Canada. This blog explains the estimated processing time for Express Entry and the fees that are incurred by an immigrant in the entire process of Canada immigration through the Express Entry system

Express Entry was introduced by the conservative party in the year 2015, and the main motive behind introducing this system was to bring as many immigrants to Canada as possible. Through the years, the majority of the skilled immigrants have received their PR through the Express Entry system. These immigrants fulfil the economic and workforce requirements of the country. To get a PR through Express Entry, one needs to have an Express Entry Profile first. Basically there are three programs, an applicant or immigrant should be eligible under anyone of this program to create the Express Entry profile. These three programs are:-

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

2. Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)

3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

 To know whether you are eligible for creating the Express Entry Profile or not, you can go through the official website. You will be asked a few questions and on the basis of your answer, the website will notify you of the program under which you are eligible for creating the Express Entry profile. 

Processing time for Express Entry

Express Entry Processing Time and Fees

As the name suggests, Express Entry is popular for facilitating faster immigration to Canada. The processing time for this immigration program is only 6 months. This section enlists the time required at each step in the Express Entry program. 

Express Entry Profile: 60 Days

Initially, for creating the profile an applicant needs to fill the questionnaire on this page. After answering the questions, you will receive a personal reference code for creating your profile. The reference code looks like “KJ5213189201”. Each of the individuals will have a unique reference code. This reference code will help you in signing up for GCkey and will be valid for two months. The immigrant will then be required to create an Express Entry profile on the IRCC website. The profile can be created through either GCKey or the Sign-in Partner. 

GCkey is the most convenient way for the new applicants or beginners. After registering for GCkey you have 60 days (two months) to completely build your profile and submit it for the pool. After the submission the real process will begin.

Express Entry Canada processing time

Express Entry Canada Processing Time

Processing time for Express Entry is quite quick as compared to other pathways for the PR. While creating the profile you will be asked to give various details. These details should be filled accurately because you will receive the CRS score on the basis of these details. Next step in the process is submission of the Express Entry profile. You must create your Express Entry profile within 2 months.

Express Entry Draw: 15 days

Once your profile is created and you are in the Express Entry pool,  you need to wait for the latest draw. Usually, Express Entry draw happens at least twice in a month. There is atleast a 2 week gap between each Express Entry round of invitations. If you receive an ITA in the draw, you will be notified in your profile. Right after receiving the Invitation to Apply, you will get 60 days to submit the documents to substantiate the details provided by IRCC while creating the Express Entry profile.

With the documents you will need to submit Express Entry fees and an e-APR (electronic Application for Permanent Residence). Your Express Entry profile will be considered complete only after submitting the e-APR, documents for proof and the required fees. 

*Please note– The Express Entry processing time of 6 months is only counted after submitting the complete PR application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) 

Document checklist will be created for each of the applicants, on the basis of their provided data. There are some mandatory documents compulsory for every immigrant.

PR Processing: 6 Months

IRCC takes up to 6 months for verification but the processing time for Express Entry can vary as per the type of application. In some cases, verification might take 6 months while in others it might take less than 6 months. Usually, it all depends on the documents you have submitted. After the document verification the candidate or an applicant will receive CoPR. You need to check your application status regularly to keep yourself updated with the position of your application.

An important thing one needs to remember is that if you haven’t submitted the right document, then your application will be most likely rejected. This entire process time is for the people who have all the documents and are up-to-date with all the requirements. Sometimes applicant profile don’t have enough CRS score, now the question is what can these applicants do to get the PR. Hence, once you create the Express profile, it is valid for 12 months, in this time period you can increase your CRS points by reappearing in the IELTS exam or many more.

Express Entry Fees for Canada.

Express Entry Fees for Canada

This section includes details about the financial requirements and the fee structure for Canada PR through Express Entry program.  

The IRCC processing fees, and the real processing time for Express Entry begins after receiving the ITA. Along with the documents and applications, one also needs to submit the fees. The application processing fees one needs to pay to IRCC is 850 CAD dollars (approx. 52,000 INR) and 230 CAD (Approx. 14,000 INR) per dependent child. One also needs to pay Right of Permanent Residence Fees (RPRF) to IRCC that’s 515 CAD (approx. 32,000 INR).


IELTS course and test

300 CAD


300 CAD


200 CAD

Certificates, couriers, affidavits and biometrics

175 CAD

One must keep in mind that this entire process only tells you the money one needs to pay. As per the requirements one needs to have enough settlement funds. It varies on the basis of the family members. Below is the list.

No. Of Family Members Required Funds















Additionally, it must be noted that with each additional family member you will need to have $3,586.

To know more, contact Talent Connected Worldwide, India’s best and authorised immigration consultants in India. They can guide you in the best possible way which makes getting Canada PR less time consuming. A CICC/ICCRC licensed consultant can easily predict the accurate requirements and processing time for Express Entry. On the basis of your provided details, a consultant can help you reduce the time it takes to acquire Canada PR and can contribute to a seamless and successful Canada immigration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is express entry profile valid

The express entry profile is valid for 12 months.

What is an Express Entry profile?

Express Entry is a quickest pathway for immigrating in Canada. It was introduced in the year 2015 and especially designated for eligible skilled workers.

Is there a government fee to create an Express Entry profile?

No, there is no government fee to create an Express Entry profile.

How much does it cost to apply for Permanent Residency through Express Entry?

The cost of Applying for Permanent Residency through Express Entry is $2,300 for a single applicant and $4,500 CAD for a couple.

How much time it takes for Canada express entry

Naturally it takes 6 months or less but in some cases it may take more than usual. 

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