List of Documents Required to Apply for Open Work Permit in Canada

List of Documents Required to Apply for Open Work Permit in Canada

An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada. Getting a work permit to Canada is really important as it will help you in working in the country. You can work here and get a decent salary which will provide you with lots of profits. These work permits are not job-specific hence the applicant can work for any employer, as long as they are eligible. 

What is an Open Work Permit?

People who hold open work permits can pursue as many employment opportunities as they want and at whichever place as per their requirements in Canada. There are many documents required to apply for an open work permit in Canada. Open work permits allow foreign nationals to get lawful employment in Canada

It is a legal permit that allows a person to work in Canada even if they are not a Canadian citizen. Nearly half a million work permits are given to temporary foreign workers to work in Canada every year.

A large chunk of people from other countries who are willing to find work in Canada require legal authorization such as a work permit. There are two main kinds of work permits in Canada, the first one is a closed work permit or employer-specific work permit which is valid with a specified employer and the second one is an open work permit which does not tie you to a specific employer and gives you the leverage of selecting your employment free-handedly. 

The open work permit is not employer-specific, rather it gives you a free hand to pursue whichever employment you want. It means that these people are independent to work with the employer of their choice keeping in mind that they full fill the requirements as mentioned on their work permit document.  

What are the Documents Required for an Open Work Permit?

Described below is the list of the documents required to apply for open work permit in Canada:

  • Quebec acceptance certificate if you will be working in the province of Quebec
  • Proof that you meet the job requirements
  • Valid passport
  • Receipt of work permit application payment 
  • 2 Photographs for application purposes
  • Legal status in the country of residence
  • Completed application forms
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (if applicable)

What Are the Different Types of Open Work Permits in Canada?

Open work permits are divided into two main categories: unrestricted and restricted. The restricted open work permit can be described as Occupational restrictions. For example, it may have some restrictions depending on the person’s medical status. 

Who Can Apply for a Work Permit in Canada?

  • An international student who recently completed graduation from a reputed college or university and is eligible for a post-graduation work permit program
  • a spouse to a person who has a work permit in Canada or is a Canadian graduate or an international student
  • Are a student who can not meet the costs of studies anymore
  • A dependent family member of someone who has applied for permanent residence
  • Are a spouse or a common-law partner of an international student living in Canada
  • In case you are a partner of an applicant of the Atlantic Immigration Program 
  • If you are a refugee or a refugee claimant
  • If you are a temporary resident permit holder 
  • A young worker participating in special programs
  • If you are in Canada then you can also be sponsored as a spouse, common-law partner

How Can You Apply For an Open Work Permit in Canada?

Apart from knowing the documents required to apply for an open work permit in Canada, you should also know about the process to apply for an open work permit. To do so, you can submit your application from inside or outside of Canada. The application forms and process will differ depending on from where you have applied. In both these cases it will be required to submit the necessary forms. The steps required to be followed are described below:

Step 1- Make sure to have all that you require during the process

Step 2- Pay the fees

Step 3- Create your online account or sign in

Step 4- Confirm that you have all the required documents

Step 5- Fill the form

Step 6- Upload the correct document


We can provide the final note to the above-mentioned information, that to have the Canadian open work permit, a person is required to have a connection to Canada in some cases while not, in other cases. This list of documents is broadly mentioned above along with some other important information regarding the open work permit in Canada. Canada is an attractive economy with a boom, especially for those who are willing to immigrate to this country, it mainly focuses on innovation hence making it a hotspot for immigrants. 

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