OINP Expression of Interest (EOI)

Before applying to any of the streams, you must register an OINP expression of interest to inform that you want to be invited to apply
OINP Expression of Interest (EOI)

OINP Expression of Interest (EOI)

OINP Expression of Interest (EOI) system manages and scores the applications of the following streams:

  • Employer Job Offer-Foreign Worker Stream: This stream is for international workers with a valid job offer in Ontario.
  • Employer Job Offer-International Student Stream: This stream is for fresh graduates who have a job offer in the province.
  • Employer Job Offer-In-Demand Skills Stream: This stream is for international workers who have a job offer in an in-demand trade in Ontario.
  • Masters Graduate Stream: Eligible for applicants who have a master’s degree from an institute in Ontario
  • PhD Graduate Stream: Eligible for applicants who have a PhD from Ontario.

Before applying to any of the above OINP streams, you must register an expression of interest to inform the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) that you want to receive an ITA to apply for provincial nomination. Registering an EOI must not be confused with applying for PR through the OINP.

Registering in the OINP Expression of Interest system is not the same as applying to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. It is a mandatory step before applying to the OINP.

OINP Expression of Interest (EOI)1

Once you register an EOI profile, you will be scored and placed in the selection pool. To get a score, you will be asked certain questions about your academic proficiency, work experience, language proficiency, possession of an eligible job offer, etc. Once you answer these questions, you will be scored as per the information provided.

The OINP program conducts draws from the EOI pool and issues ITAs as per the cut-off. Once you get an ITA from the OINP, you must apply for PR within 14 days. While applying for PR through OINP, you might be required to submit documents such as your earning history, reference letters from Canadian employers

How to register in the EOI system?

Submitting the OINP Expression of Interest requires the following steps.

STEP 1: Create an ONe-Key Account and sign in

Create an account on ONe-Key. Similar to the SINP online application portal OASIS, the ONe-Key account helps you to securely avail of government services.

STEP 2: Select your stream

Visit the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program e-filing portal and select the stream you wish to apply for. All the Employer Job Offer streams, the Masters Graduate stream, the PhD Graduate stream, the Human Capital Stream, and the Entrepreneur stream require an EOI.

STEP 3: Provide information

At this stage in the OINP Expression Of Interest, you will be required to provide your personal information. This information will be used by the EOI system to evaluate and score your profile and put you in a selection pool. You will need to provide the following.  

  • Personal Details such as your name, contact number, email, country of residence, and passport number. 
  • The NOC code of your job offer 
  • Location of your job.
  • Tenure of your job offer
  • Hourly base wage
  • Work experience acquired in the specific NOC code
  • Highest level of Canadian or foreign education
  • The field of highest education acquired
  • Score of the language proficiency test. OINP accepts test scores of TEF, and TCF for French proficiency and IELTS, and CELPIP-G for English language proficiency. The test scores are converted into CLB or Canadian Language Benchmark.
  • Date of the language test taken and the date of the test results. The test results should not be older than 2 years.
STEP 4: Get a score by the OINP Expression of Interest.

You will now get a score based on the information provided by you. The scoring factors along with their points are tabulated below.

Broad Occupational Category of your job offer

OINP Expression of Interest awards the maximum points for BOC 0, 2, and 3. The BOC is depicted by the first digit of your NOC code.

Broad Occupational Category (BOC)EOI points
BOC 0: Occupations in legislation and senior management10
BOC 1: Occupations in Business, finance and administration05
BOC 2: Occupations related to Natural and Applied science10
BOC 3: Occupations in Healthcare10
BOC 4: Occupations in academics, law and social, community and government services04
BOC 5: Art, culture, recreation and sports occupations03
BOC 6: Occupations in Sales and Services03
BOC 7: Occupations related to trades, transports and equipment operators07
BOC 8: Occupations in natural resources, agriculture and agricultural production04
BOC 9: Manufacturing and utilities occupations05

TEER level of your Job Offer

TEER levelEOI points
TEER level 0 or 110
TEER level 2 or 38
TEER level 4 or 50

Wage per hour of your Job offer

WagesEOI points
$40 per hour or above10
$35.00-$39.99/ hour 08

Location of job-offer

OINP Expression of Interest (EOI) also scores applications based on the location of their job offered by a valid employer in Ontario.

LocationEOI points
Northern Ontario10
Area outside Greater Toronto (excluding North Ontario)08
Inside Greater Toronto03

Availability of Work Permit

OINP Expression of Interest awards 10 points if an applicant gets a valid work permit along with a positive LMIA (if applicable)

If you have a valid work or study permit10 points
If you don’t have a work permit0 points

Tenure of the job with the employer who has given the job offer

If you have been working in job-offer position for more than 6 months 03 points
If you have worked in the offered position for less than 6 months or have never worked in the offered position 0 points

Canadian Work Experience

You must have a Canadian earning history issued by the Canada Revenue Agency. The experience must have been gained in the last 5 years.

If you earned $40k or more in a year 3 points
If you earned less than $40k in a year 0 points

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Highest Academic degree

OINP Expression of Interest awards the following points for academic proficiency.

Academic degreeEOI points
Bachelors 06
College diploma or a trade certification05
Less than a college diploma or a trade certification00

Field of Academic proficiency

STEM, healthcare, computer science, architecture, mechanics and repair, construction and precision production, natural resources and agricultural operations

12 points

Fields of business, administration, behavioral science, social, legal, academics, transport, personal and security services

06 points

Arts, Humanities, and BHASE programs

0 points

Points for Canadian Education

You must have a degree from a Canadian public institution. It must be a full-time program and must take at least two years to complete. If you have pursued a diploma or a certification program, it should be full-time, from a Canadian public institute, and for at least one year.

  • If you have more than one Canadian academic degree, diploma, or certificate, you will earn up to 10 points.
  • If you have only one degree, diploma, or certificate from a Canadian institute, you will get 05 points.

Location of Study

OINP Expression of Interest system scores profiles on the basis of their location of study. The scores are tabulated below

Northern Ontario 10 points
Areas outside Greater Toronto Area 08 points
Greater Toronto Area 03 points
Toronto 0 points

OINP Expression of Interest score for Language proficiency

CLB EOI Points
9 or above10
6 or lower0

Applicants who are proficient in both English and French languages can get additional points. If you score CLB 7 in one of the official languages and at least CLB 6 in the other, you will get 10 points.

If you are only proficient in one official language, you will get 05 points.

Points to remember while registering in the EOI system

  • All the information provided in the OINP Expression of Interest must be accurate upon submission
  • You can update the information on OINP Expression of Interest in the e-filing portal till you are issued the ITA or till your EOI expires and is removed.
  • The validity of the EOI profile is 12 months. However, if your profile receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you must apply to OINP for your nomination within 14 days.
  • Registering in the EOI system does not require any fee payment. You will only be required to pay the fee when you apply to OINP for nomination.
  • You must have filled and submitted the attestation form on the same date as your EOI registration.

Attestation form OINP

How can you increase your chances of getting an ITA in the OINP draws?

One of the deciding factors in getting an ITA to OINP is to ensure that your documentation is complete. There are many details an applicant must be mindful of while registering in the OINP Expression of Interest system. Talent Connected Worldwide is India’s only CICC-authorized immigration consultancy and provides premium immigration services.

We guarantee that all your paperwork is complete and you score the maximum points possible for your EOI profile. The higher your points, the better your chances of being invited to apply to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. 
Contact us and get your ITA to apply for Ontario provincial nomination now.

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