Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program application form: How to Apply

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program application form how to apply

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is the right immigration program for you if you are planning to settle down in one of these provinces of Canada:

  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Previously it was the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) that was used when immigrating to these provinces. However, on 31st December, 2021, the program was closed down and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) started accepting applications under the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP). In this blog, we will talk about the AIP. 

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Application Form

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program application form, now the Atlantic Immigration Program application form, requires the applicant to have a valid job offer, an endorsement letter, and a settlement plan before you fill out the form. In simple terms, the applicant needs to be eligible first before they fill out the application form. 

Moreover, if you have the skills, the right education, and adequate work experience, plus intentions to reside in the following Atlantic provinces of Canada, you may be able to get PR via Atlantic Immigration Program. One thing you need to know is that you must have an endorsement letter from one of the Atlantic provincial governments to be eligible for immigration. 

Do you want to know what an endorsement letter is? See below! 

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What is an Endorsement Letter?

An endorsement letter is the official document stating that the provincial government requires you to work there based on your qualifications and other factors. 

Receiving an endorsement letter is an important step in the way of immigrating to Canada via AIP. Depending on which province you are immigrating to, the endorsement letter will be different. 

Though it doesn’t matter which province has sent you an endorsement letter, the final say on your application remains with the IRCC. Using existing selection as well as admissibility criterias, IRCC will take the decision on your immigration application. 

How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Program

Below, we will talk about how to apply for the Atlantic Immigration Program in detailed steps. 

1. First of all, create or sign into your PR online application portal account. This is the portal you will use to submit your PR application via AIP. 

2. Now there are some application forms that you must fill out online. These are:

  • Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008)
  • Schedule A – Background/Declaration (IMM 5669)
  • Additional Family Information (IMM 5406)
  • Supplementary Information – Your travels (IMM 5562)

There are some PDFs that you need to complete and then sign by hand, if they apply to you. These PDFs are:

  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union [IMM 5409]
  • Separation Declaration for Minors Travelling to Canada [IMM 5604]

3. Are you done with your application forms? Then you should move on and pay the application fee. Along with the application form fee, you need to also give the biometric fee so your application could be processed further. 

Now that you have paid the biometric fee as well as the fee of the application, IRCC will send you a Canada biometric validity letter which will tell you where to give your biometric information. The candidate needs this letter at the time of giving their biometrics. 

4. You are ready to submit the application! BUT before you submit the application, make sure that you have uploaded all the necessary documents, filled in the right information only, signed your application electronically, and included the fee receipt too. 

5. Now that you have submitted your application, and get the biometric letter from the IRCC, go and give your biometric. IRCC will start processing your application only after they receive biometrics. 

Once a decision is made on your application, you will be notified by the IRCC. 

So, now that you know how to apply for the Atlantic Immigration Program and how to fill out the application form, we are sure you will succeed in immigrating to Canada. 

But if you require any further information or assistance in filling out an Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program application form, you can contact us! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Atlantic immigration Pilot Program still available?

Ans. The Atlantic immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) was replaced by the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP). 

2. What is an Atlantic immigration Program?

Ans. The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is a pathway to permanent residency in one of the provinces of Canada- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. If you meet the eligibility requirements, and the intention to live in one of the provinces then you can immigrate via AIP. 

3. How much is the Atlantic Immigration Program fee?

Ans. The PR application form fee for Atlantic Immigration Program is $1,525 for each adult.  

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