Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad

Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad

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Canada is a leading international immigration destination in the world. It offers tremendous working opportunities for people with the right qualifications, experience, and skills. Further, Canada has a very liberal society which is very welcoming towards new immigrants.

Alongside, Canada has a great immigration program called the Express Entry program. This system was established only a few years ago but has transformed Canada immigration for the better. Now, it is easier than ever to immigrate to Canada.

However, this also means that there are countless more applications being filed each month for Canada immigration. And most of them will get rejected. But it does make applying and getting selected hard even for those who have a chance of making it through. That is why experts recommend filing your Canada immigration application through reliable consultants.

We at Talent Connected Worldwide are among the best Canadian immigration consultants in Hyderabad. We can help you get selected for Canada immigration in the shortest time possible. But before we tell you about ourselves, let us give you a walkthrough of the Canada immigration application process via Express Entry. This will help you understand why you should seek our professional immigration consultancy services.

What Is the Canada PR Immigration Process?

Canada’s Express Entry program has a very sophisticated application process. Here are the details that you need to know about it:

   1. Express Entry Program

The Express Entry program is Canada’s national immigration pathway. It works on the basis of profiles which the applicant must fill with required information about themselves like age, education, work experience, language ability etc. Based on these, the applicant is given a CRS score and this score is used to check if they are eligible for immigration to Canada. However, the score is only calculated once the applicant also submits the right documents to validate the personal information on their profile.

Canada PR Immigration Process

   2. Provincial Nomination Programs

PNPs are immigration programs belonging to individual states. They are processed through the Express Entry program and follow roughly the same application process as well. So, in order to apply for a PNP, you will have to go to the immigration website of the right province and fill out the form. Make sure you know the rules surrounding the immigration application evaluation as some provinces charge a fee for it. Now, if your profile is evaluated and approved, then you will get a PNP. This basically ensures that you will get selected for immigration in the next Express Entry draws.

   3. Express Entry Draws

Express Entry draws are held once every 15 days. These draws are based on the current immigration requirements of the country and they declare a CRS score. Anyone with a score higher than the CRS cut-off gets an Invitation to Apply or ITA. They then have 3 months to apply for Canada PR. Once they get that PR visa, they will have 12 months to move to Canada with the right documents like police clearance certificate, medical clearance certificate, financial documentation etc. Only once all the documents have been processed and cleared by the CIC can you officially become a Canada PR.

So, the Canada PR process has many aspects to it that must be taken care of. That is why going for a reliable Canada immigration consultancy is the best idea. Now, let us tell you why we are the best consultancy for your needs and help you make the right decision.

What Makes Talent Connected Worldwide the Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad

TCWW has become a renowned name in the Canada immigration industry of India over the past few years. The reason for out stellar rise among the ranks is our extremely simplified and transparent working process and client-centric policies. Here are the biggest highlights our of professional Canada immigration consultancy services:

  1. TCWW is an extremely successful immigration consultancy without a record of 6000+ successful immigrations in 7 years.
  2. We are led by ICCRC Accredited lawyers with many years of legal experience in immigration laws as well as knowledge of the same.
  3. We offer custom immigration packages based on the specific requirements of our clients. This helps them save valuable time and money.
  4. We have several teams of highly experienced Canada immigration consultants. These experts work on cases individually to give our clients the best advice they need.
  5. Thanks to our expert guidance, our clients not only understand the finer details of the Canada immigration process but also how they can improve their chances.
  6. We provide ironclad legal contracts to our clients to ensure them legal rights to our consultation services and give them peace of mind.
  7. Our working process is highly evolved thanks to our many years of industry experience and keeps constantly developing to accommodate changing immigration laws.

When you combine all of these factors, you get to see why Talent Connected Worldwide has such a massive success rate and why it is considered the best. However, don’t just go by a few numbers and statements. Let us tell you about our actual working process to help you realize why we can give you the best chance of moving to Canada.

What is the TCWW Immigration Application Evaluation Process?

At TCWW, we want to give all our clients the best chance to immigrate while also enhancing our own market reputation and success record. We do this by following a very well-defined working process. Here are the details:

   1. Starting Consultation

This is the first part of the process and involves our consultation experts holding a brief discussion with the client. In this step, we ask them to submit all relevant documents for immigration to us so we can evaluate them. We also ask our clients to pay an evaluation fee. This fee is refunded in case we feel we cannot help the client immigrate.

   2. Document Evaluation

The document evaluation is undertaken after the relevant fee has been submitted. This process can take up to a week. Here, we go through each and every aspect of the documents and analyze their likelihood of getting the client selected. This lets us generate a CRS score based on the particulars of the documents. This is used further to provide consultation on how the client and we on their behalf can enhance immigration chances.

   3. Detailed Consultation

This stage of the process requires a detailed discussion with the client. We inform them of all the details from our evaluation and give them a clear picture of their immigration chances. Further, we tell them how we will help enhance these chances and how soon they can expect to get selected for immigration. If the client agrees to the process, we sign a contract with them ensuring all consultation rights to them through a due legal process for an industry standard price. After this, we take up their case and start working on it.

   4. In-Depth Application Processing

This is the part where the bulk of our work is done. We gather all the right documents from different national international bodies and make a formal Express Entry profile for the client. Further, we also create a PNP profile if we feel their CRS score is not enough to ensure immigration. This is then followed by an extensive job search if the client wants that. This entire process can take above 6 months including profile approval from the CIC. Once the profile is approved, we inform the client and keep them informed on the future process.

   5. Express Entry Draws

Once the Express Entry draws are made, we inform the client of the cut-off and if they are eligible for an ITA. Mostly, our clients get selected right on their first Express Entry Draw. When they get the ITA, we follow through with the remaining process of applying for a Canada PR visa and then processing the required documents to help them move to Canada within 12 months thereafter.

As you can see, Talent Connected Worldwide has a very sophisticated working process that has the best chance of helping you immigrate to Canada. If you are still in doubt, let us help you make a smart decision.

Why Should You Choose Talent Connected Worldwide?

TCWW is a leading Canada immigration consultancy in Hyderabad. We offer the most proficient immigration consultancy services to our clients. We can ensure that you get selected for immigration to Canada in the shortest time possible.

Our consultation services are provided under the astute guidance of TCWW Director Rachal Sidhu. She is an ICCRC accredited lawyer (Regn. No. R527196) and has many years of experience. This makes our consultancy services the most reliable in India.

We can guarantee you that we can help you every step of the way and deliver the best chance you will ever have of moving to Canada. If you are looking for the best Canadian immigration consultant in Hyderabad, then Talent Connected Worldwide is the consultancy you should approach. Contact us today to start your Canada immigration process on the best foot forward!

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