An Immigration System for Canada’s future: IRCC immigration plan


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Minister Marc Miller has announced a new plan to improve the immigration system of Canada. The new immigration strategy named “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future” was released on 31st October and the new Immigration Levels Plan for 2024-2026 is set to be released on 1st November. 

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An Immigration System for Canada’s Future

Marc Miller has announced a new IRCC immigration plan to tackle challenges and improve the immigration system of Canada. In the report, the Immigration Minister highlighted the actions that IRCC will take to get the immigration system back on track. 

The new strategy has properly outlined how and in which areas IRCC is set to improve, so that the immigration system will start working as it was intended and even become better. 

The main areas of the new IRCC immigration plan are:

  1. Reduction of wait times and improving service standards
  2. Removing barriers to meet labour market needs
  3. Strengthening student and worker protections
  4. Making applications more user-friendly by using digital technologies
  5. Supporting more regional communities to improve regional immigration
  6. Promotion of Francophone immigration 

Canada is set to improve its immigration system so that more immigrants can have a hassle-free migration. Thus, the immigration system of Canada will become more aligned with the labour market needs of the country. Also, immigrants would have an easier migration experience to Canada as information will become easily available digitally. Moreover, it will be easier for Canadians to obtain passports as well as renew them.  

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Immigration Levels Plan 2024 – 2026

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will release its latest Immigration Levels Plan for 2024 on 1st November. Under the Immigration and Refugees Protection Plan (IRPA), the federal government of Canada has to submit a yearly immigration plan on 1st November, annually, except for the election years. So, the Immigration Levels Plan outlines the number of permanent residents that Canada will be inviting in the subsequent years. 

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