Canada Atlantic Immigration Program: More support for newcomers

Canada Atlantic Immigration Program: More support for newcomers

Recently, the premiers and federal ministers held a meeting to discuss the problems and their solutions regarding making immigration easier. In that meeting, they came up with the idea to strengthen the Atlantic Immigration Program by making some necessary changes. One of the measures is to maximize the settlement support for new immigrants. Settlement services help newly immigrated individuals in a number of ways. They help in looking for jobs, accommodation, language training, etc. 

Those who work in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, or Prince Edward Island, can do so via the Atlantic Immigration Program. 

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What are the new measures? 

The Canada Atlantic Immigration Program is for skilled workers and international graduates who are looking for work and living opportunities in certain provinces. These particular provinces are- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. 

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On 18 July, the regional premiers and federal ministers held a meeting in New Brunswick, to bring improvement in the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP). In the meeting they discussed and agreed to reduce the barriers that international graduates face. On top of that, they also agreed to maximize the settlement support that newcomers need to access after immigrating to Canada. 

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Canada Atlantic Immigration Program

The premiers as well as the ministers agreed that the Atlantic Growth Strategy (AGS) needs to be renewed and revitalized. Back in 2016, AIP was introduced under the AGS in order to promote sustainable economic growth of Atlantic Canada. 

According to the Immigration Levels Plan 2023, we know that the Canadian Government is planning on inviting 465,000 immigrants in the country. Out of this number, it is expected that around 8,500 immigrants will come through the Atlantic Immigration Program. This is a considerable number of immigrants coming to Canada using a single immigration program. 

So, if so many immigrants are taking advantage of AIP, it is necessary that the program works smoothly and is easily accessible. The Canadian Immigration Minister has said, “Through this strategy we see strong government collaboration on issues that matter to us all, and together we set priorities to continue making this region stronger.”

Also, this program is basically to find work in the provinces. So, the employers who hire through this program do not need to apply for an LMIA. 

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