Canada still issuing invitations to Indian amid Canada-India tension


Canada and India have always been on good terms. Indian nationals have been seeking education and career opportunities in Canada, and Canada has been benefiting from the economic growth these Indian immigrants bring. 

However, recently, a diplomatic issue arose between these two countries which has now become a concern for even common citizens of both India and Canada. This issue has led many to ask “is Canada still processing visas for Indian nationals or not”, or “is Canada still issuing invitations to Indians?”

Actually, Canada has not stopped visa processing for Indians. 

Is Canada still calling Indian Nationals?

Yes, even amid the Canada-India tension, Canada is still calling Indian nationals to come to the country for work and study purposes. 

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All these diplomatic matters started with the death of a prominent India-born Canadian Sikh leader. On this, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, alleged that Indian agents are behind the plot. However, Narender Modi, India’s Prime Minister has clearly denied all such allegations. 

Trudeau has cleared his intentions to keep Canadians safe, but even amidst the whole situation, the immigration authorities have not stopped processing visas for Indians. 

Moreover, Indian nationals are still receiving invitations to apply for Canada permanent residency in Express Entry draws and such. 

The aim of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) still remains on processing at least 80% of all applications, no matter the nationality. Hence, IRCC processing times have not changed for Indian applications. 

Should Indians travel to Canada?

India has issued travel advisories to those traveling to Canada. But if we take a look at where Canada stands on safety concerns, the country has been constantly ranked as one of the safest countries by the Global Peace Index. 

The rank says a lot about Canada as a nation, and proves why thousands of not only Indian but also international students choose Canada as their study destination every year. 

On this matter, the Canadian Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, said, “I think everyone knows Canada is a safe country and given the events of the last two or three days and the seriousness of the allegations that – it’s important for everyone to stay calm.”

In September of 2022, the Indian government issued a similar alert, and yet about 320,000 Indian students still chose to study in Canada in the same year. 

India is the largest source country of immigrants for Canada. In 2022, Canada received 437,120 permanent residents from around the world. However, out of the total number, about 118,095 were from India alone. 

The number of immigrants from India clearly shows the importance of Indian nationals in Canada’s economic growth. 

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