IRCC to Bring New Changes in PGWP Eligibility Criteria

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) might bring new changes to the PGWP eligibility criteria. IRCC will be making some changes in a bid to “re-align the program [PGWP] to better meet targeted labour market needs and immigration objectives.”

It is expected that students applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) might need to meet language requirements, must have graduated from a specific study program that will contribute to the labor market of Canada, have a job offer if they are applying for an extension of the permit, etc. 

The changes, if brought in, will definitely impact the Canadian economy for the better as more and more international students will be able to get employment in industries facing labour shortages. The rise of more workers in such occupations will no doubt curb the impact created by the IRCC announcement of cutting down the number of temporary residents permitted in Canada earlier this year. 

The changes to the PGWP are neither yet confirmed nor will come into effect this year. It is expected the international students applying for a PGWP starting January 2025 will probably deal with the new changes. 

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Why is IRCC bringing changes to PGWP?

It is a well known fact that several key Canadian industries are in need of workers, whether they be skilled or unskilled. The economy of the country has the potential to grow much higher, only if the labour shortage in selected occupations is fulfilled. 

Since the government of Canada announced that it will cap the number of temporary resident visa holders starting 2025, they had to find another way to bring in required workers to occupations lacking labour. 

Hence, the changes brought to the eligibility criteria of PGWP will prioritize international students graduating from certain occupations which are facing shortages. Students of other graduation programs will not be given much attention as a result. 

PGWP: The Perfect Gateway to PR for Foreign Graduates

Once an international student graduates from a Canadian institution, they have two choices: 

a) go back to home country, or 

b) apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, work in Canada, and get to apply for Canadian permanent residency

Most of the students would like the second option better as it gives them an opportunity to build a life in Canada in the same place they have been studying and are already familiar with the atmosphere. 

Hence, applying for a PGWP will most likely help students to settle down in Canada in the longer run. 

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