PNP Draws of the Week: British Columbia and Ontario Conducted Draws


The latest PNP draws of the week were held by the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. Both the rounds of draws were held on 11th June 2024, and 310 candidates were invited to apply by the provinces. If the invited candidates meet the stream requirements under which they were invited, they can apply for a provincial nomination. The details of the draws are provided below. 

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British Columbia Latest PNP Draw

The province of British Columbia has called for 66 candidates to apply under these streams:

  • Skilled Worker (EEBC option)
  • International Graduate (EEBC option)
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

39 candidates were invited under a general draw. The minimum score requirement to meet for candidates under each streams are:

  • Skilled Worker (EEBC option) – 131
  • International Graduate (EEBC option) – 131
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – 110

Other than the general draw, there were three rounds of targeted draws as well. These were conducted for the following priority sectors:

  • Childcare
  • Construction
  • Healthcare 

Though the BC PNP did not announce under which streams priority sector candidates can apply, the number of ITAs issued and the minimum score requirements are mentioned below:

  • 6 candidates called to apply for the childcare category if they had at least 93 points
  • 9 invites issued to apply for the construction category; the minimum score requirement was 93, just like the childcare category
  • Lastly, 12 candidates were invited for the healthcare category; the lowest score requirement was 102

OINP Latest PNP Draw

The latest Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program draw was held after quite some time. After its last draw on 23rd April 2024, Ontario did not conduct any draws till 11 June. 

The latest one invited candidates from the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream and Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream

From the EJO: Foreign Worker Stream, 124 ITAs were issued and the minimum score requirement was 43. As for the EJO: International Student Stream, 120 candidates were invited if they had at least 65 EOI score. Through both the OINP round of draws, candidates under the early childhood educators and assistants were invited. 

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