Welcoming Week 2023: Canada loves immigrants!


From 8th to 17th September, Canada is celebrating its Welcoming Week 2023! The government is encouraging the people of Canada to help out newcomers in settling down in the foreign country. Also, Canadians can use the hashtag “#WelcomingWeek2023” in their social media posts in which they can showcase their community’s growth in helping out newcomers. 

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Welcoming Week 2023

Canada is celebrating Welcoming Week 2023, from 8-17 Sept. Canadians are encouraged to interact with newcomers and help them get settled in Canada easily! IRCC states that the welcoming week is actually an annual event which reminds Canadians of newcomers’ importance. 

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The aim of this week is to make immigrants, especially newcomers, settle down in Canadian society. Immigrants are, have been, and will be an integral part of Canada. They have uplifted the Canadian economy and are still playing a huge role in it.

If they feel at home in the foreign country they just moved to, the chances of them staying and contributing to the growth of Canada will most likely increase. 

Hence, it is of great importance that Canadians help out immigrants feel more at home in Canada and settle down in Canadian culture faster. 

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IRCC Celebrates Immigrants

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s aim is to celebrate immigrants for all their worth. The Welcoming Week 2023 is actually under the #ImmigrationMatters campaign of IRCC which also aims to help immigrants settle down faster. 

The campaign is to raise awareness on the issues that immigrants to Canada feel when they first arrive in the country. One of the most common issues that they face is understanding the cultural and societal tidbits. 

To understand how Canadian society works, they can approach an organization that provides settlement services. 

Those who wish to volunteer in helping out newcomers can contact an organization providing settlement services where they can get matched with a newcomer seeking assistance. 

After that, they both are encouraged to share meals, attend social and cultural events together and so on. Canadians can also help out immigrants by giving them daily life tips and teaching them how to integrate themselves in the Canadian community. 

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