British Columbia and Quebec Invites Eligible in Latest PNP Draws


In the most recent conducted on 7th and 12th September, 2023, two Canadian provinces invited 1,616 people for Canada permanent residency. After immigration, these people will get PR for that province. Do you also wish to immigrate to Canada? Then aim for a nomination from one of the PNPs , and if you receive an invitation, you won’t need to ask , “ are you legally entitled to work in Canada or not?” 

A nomination from a PNP increases your CRS score which then increases your chances of PR in Canada. Thus a simple nomination could go a long way in your immigration process. 

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Latest PNP Draws

In the latest PNP draws, British Columbia and Quebec have invited a total of 1,616 eligible candidates for permanent residence in Canada. 

On 7th September, Quebec sent out 1,433 invitations to those scoring 586 or higher and have a level 7 oral proficiency in French speaking skills. 

British Columbia sent out 183 invitations to candidates from Tech, Healthcare, and Childcare occupations. The minimum scoring candidates were ranked 60. 

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Quebec Draw

Date: 7 September, 2023

Invitations: 1,433

Minimum Score: 586

Quebec sent out 1,433 invitations to those:

  • scoring 586 or higher
  • had a level 7 oral proficiency in French 
  • had a valid job offer outside the territory of Metropolitan Community of Montreal

Take a look at the image taken from the official website of Quebec to verify the numbers. 


British Columbia Draw

Date: 12 September, 2023

Occupations: Tech, Healthcare, Childcare

Invitations: Tech- 133, Healthcare- 14, Childcare- 36

Minimum Score: Tech- 88, Healthcare- 60, Childcare- 60 

On 12 September 2023, British Columbia invited 183 candidates from Skilled Worker, International Graduate (including EEBC option) streams. The lowest scoring candidates were ranked 60. 

133 invitations were for workers from Tech occupation, 14 for healthcare occupations, and 36 invitations for childcare occupations. 


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