Why hasn’t IRCC conducted Express Entry Draw since 24 April 2024

It’s almost been a month since the last time Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted an Express Entry draw. The latest one was held on 24th April 2024 to invite Francophones with at least 410 CRS score. 

Since the draws have been consistent lately, it was expected that originally the next Express Entry draw would have been held on 6th April 2024. However, today’s 17th April 2024, and still no sign of a draw. 

To understand why IRCC has still not held a draw, let’s analyze the most recent pattern the Express Entry draw has been following. 

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Latest Pattern Analysis of Express Entry Draws

Date gapsDayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS cut-off
-1Thursday29-Feb-2024French language proficiency2,500336
-2Friday16-Feb-2024Agriculture and agri-food occupations150437
-1Wednesday14-Feb-2024Healthcare occupations3,500422
-1Thursday1-Feb-2024French language proficiency7,000365

If you take a closer look, you will see that starting 1st February 2024, IRCC was periodically conducting a draw on the basis of 12-1-12-1 day gap. To make things clear, let me give you an example:

  • IRCC first held a draw on 1 Feb, inviting candidates for French speaking category.
  • The next draw was held on 13 Feb, a general one.
  • However, the second consecutive draw was held on 14 Feb, which was again a category-based draw.
  • Similarly, a surprise draw was held on 16 Feb. Once again, it was a category-based draw.
  • After that, in the month of Feb alone, there were two more draws, on 28 and 29 Feb 

That was about February, if you take a look at the month of March, you will see the draws being conducted on the same pattern, 12-1-12-1 day gaps. 

Date gapsDayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS cut-off
-1Tuesday26-Mar-2024French language proficiency1,500388
-1Wednesday13-Mar-2024Transport occupations975430

However, in April, the pattern did break off a little bit but caught up to the trend soon. 

Date gapsDayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS cut-off
-1Wednesday24-Apr-2024French language proficiency1,400410
-1Thursday11-Apr-2024STEM occupations4,500491

It was expected that in May, a similar pattern would be followed, but it’s already been 17 May, and there hasn’t been a draw. However, no need to be worried. As soon as IRCC conducts an Express Entry draw, Talent Connected Worldwide will announce it. So, stay tuned with us for future updates!

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