What is Birthright Citizenship offered by Canada?

What Is Birthright Citizenship Offered By Canada?
  1. Understanding Birthright Citizenship of Canada
  2. Can grant you Canadian Citizenship?
  3. How to Become Permanent Resident of Canada?

Becoming a Canadian Citizen is a matter of prestige. The country has fair governmental policies and public support systems. There is no amenity that Canadian citizens are devoid off and therefore becoming Canada’s Citizen is not less than a dream come true.

The country has one unique method of grating Citizenship which is called birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship means that any person born in Canada will get the undeniable status of Citizen of Canada. This citizenship formula is applicable to everyone born inside Canada no matter whether their parents or custodians are immigrants, residents or Canadian Citizens or not.

Birthright Citizenship has recently become a hot topic again after the Conservative Party of Canada has questioned the need of giving Birthright Citizenship. The party puts that people are coming to Canada just to have babies so as to become Canadian Citizens. They argued that population is increasing and becoming a chaos due to this prevailing rule. The party members have supported this move and consequently, the Birthright Citizenship will no longer be active in coming times. After declaration of this change, the only option you will be left with is to apply for Citizenship through Permanent Residency way.

Anyone who has lived on a PR visa for consecutive 3 out of 5 years is eligible to apply for Citizenship of the country. It means that the first step towards your Citizenship grant is applying for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

Understanding Birthright Citizenship of Canada

Birthright Citizenship is the theory in practice which gives every Canadian born person, the right to be called legal Citizen of Canada. The citizenship is given to the child by birth automatically.

Lately, The conservative party has initiated steps to abolish the law so that not everyone born in Canada gets to get Citizenship but in fact only children of permanent residents or Canadian citizens receive the citizenship by birth status.

Speaking of present times, Canada and United States are the only countries that give birthright citizenships to people born inside there boundaries. Other countries like New Zealand and Australia have a ceiling on their birthright laws restricted to the children of permanent residents and citizens of the country.

So if the rule is going to be revoked, then what other alternatives can grant you Canadian Citizenship?

The answer is pretty simple. You need to apply for Permanent Residency of Canada. There are many immigration pathways that lead any person to the Canadian Citizenship. Firstly, you need to become permanent resident and after spending at least 3 consecutive years in the country as a PR holder you can apply for Canadian Citizenship. After appearing for a Citizenship test, you can become a Citizenship and take oath.

Now the Question Arises-How to Become Permanent Resident of Canada?

There are different pathways to apply for Canada Permanent Residency for skilled people willing to come, work and settle in the country. Canada is constantly seeking skilled individuals and thus you will be welcomed by the country if you are proficient in terms of age, education, experience and language ability. The most popular pathway to become Canadian Permanent Resident is called the Express Entry Program which further has three streams called FSWP, FSTP and CEC. If you are foreign skilled worker or international student, then you can apply through these streams of Express Entry.

Post getting your permanent resident visa to Canada, you can work towards Canadian citizenship i.e., spend 3 years of time period on the country that too on a consecutive basis.

Other than Express Entry, there are provincial nomination programs too that gives you nomination to come and settle in the country.

Note that no matter through which stream or program you have immigrated, you still need to meet the eligibility requirement of sending 3 years in Canada to become Citizen of maple leaf country of Canada!

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