British Columbia PNP Occupation In-demand List

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program Occupation In-Demand List 2022
  1. Respective NOC Codes
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British Columbia is a beautiful province in the westernmost part of Canada. To meet its labour shortages, the province invites skilled individuals every year. If you are looking to migrate to Canada for career escalation and personal satisfaction of living a life of dreams; then this province is for you! The province of British Columbia selects skilled individuals every year, through its PNP program called BCPNP.

To be able to apply for British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program, one has to comply with age, education, work experience and language requirements. Other than that, your Job profile must also be present in the occupation in-demand list of British Columbia. The Occupation list is crucial to study as you cannot go on and apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa if your occupation is not listed therein.

The occupation list keeps on changing from time to time. TCWW has all the required updates regarding occupation list of the province-British Columbia.


Following is the occupation in-demand list with respective NOC (National Occupation Code)

Occupation NOC Code
Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager
NOC 0621
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
NOC 0121
Restaurant and Food Service Managers
NOC 0631
Construction Managers
NOC 0711
Corporate Sales Manager
NOC 0601
Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers
NOC 0122
Financial Managers
NOC 0111
Senior Managers- Financial, Communications & Other Business Services
NOC 0013
Computer & Information Manages
NOC 0213
Facility Operation & Maintenance Managers
NOC 0714
Senior Managers- Trade, Broadcasting & Other
NOC 0015
Human Resources Manager
NOC 0112
Accommodation Service Manager
NOC 0632
Managers in Social, Community & Correctional Services
NOC 0423
Managers in Transportation
NOC 0731
Engineering Managers
NOC 0211
Administrator-post-secondary & vocational training
NOC 0421
Financial Auditors & Accountants
NOC 1111
Information Systems Analysts & Consultants
NOC 2171
Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers
NOC 2174
College & Other Vocational Instructors
NOC 4021
University Professors & Lecturers
NOC 4011
Other Financial Officers
NOC 1114
Software Engineers & Designers
NOC 2173
Civil Engineers
NOC 2131
Mechanical Engineers
NOC 2132
Authors & Writers
NOC 5121
Social Workers
NOC 4152
NOC 2151
NOC 4151

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