Best Immigration Consultants in Pune for Canada PR

  1. How to Apply for Canada PR Visa via Express Entry?
  2. Why Is Talent Connected Worldwide the Best Immigration Consultants in Pune for Canada PR?
  3. How Does Talent Connected Worldwide Help Secure Canada PR for Clients?
  4. Should You Choose Talent Connected Worldwide as Your Canada Immigration Consultants?

Canada has been one of the biggest international immigration destinations for Indians for a very long time. The recently established Express Entry program has now made things much easier for people wanting to move to Canada. This has happened because of Canada’s growing need for skilled professionals. There are more job openings in Canada than the country can fulfill through its own internal labor market. That is why it has opened its doors to people from all over the world.

However, this also means that competition is high and professional immigration help is almost essential for getting selected for a Canada PR visa. This is why Talent Connected Worldwide has grown into the best immigration consultants in Pune for Canada PR. We provide the most qualified and knowledgeable Canada immigration consultancy services to our clients. But before we explain how we can help you become a Canadian PR in record time, let us tell you about the Canadian PR immigration application process itself.

How to Apply for Canada PR Visa via Express Entry?

The Express Entry program is fairly straightforward. However, there are many aspects to it that need to be understood well. Here is a general overview:

Express Entry

The basic idea behind Express Entry is that it gives equal opportunity to immigrate to everyone. To apply for Canada PR visa, you will need to create an Express Entry profile. Fill in details about yourself like age, education, work experience, language ability etc. Be sure to write only the details which can be verified through proper documents. Once the details are verified, you will get a CRS score. This score will form the basis for your selection for immigration to Canada.

Provincial Nomination Program

PNPs are extremely popular with those applicants who cannot clear the Express Entry CRS benchmarks. PNPs are the immigration programs for individual provinces in Canada. Many of them have a lower selection criterion that Express Entry. Also, if you get a PNP, you are guaranteed immigration. The PNP application process is the same as Express Entry. You must go to the immigration website of the particular province and create a profile with all the required details. Keep in mind that some PNPs charge a documentation evaluation fee.

Express Entry Draws

The Express Entry Draws are used by Canadian immigration authorities to declare applicants selected for immigration. They release a CRS score and anyone above that score will get an Invitation to Apply or ITA. Those with PNP nominations will also get an ITA. Once they have the ITA, the selected applicants will have 3 months to apply for Canada PR visa. After they get the visa, they will have 12 months to move to Canada. It is important to note that there are several documents other than your PR visa that you need to carry with you when immigrating to Canada. Things like police clearance certificate, medical clearance certificate, and financial documents will help you officially become a Canada PR and start living there properly.

Now, this makes it clear that while Express Entry is straightforward, it is still highly regulated and competitive. So, the best way to ensure immigration is by taking professional immigration help. This is where Talent Connected Worldwide can help you. Let us tell you about some of the many benefits we offer to our clients.

Why Is Talent Connected Worldwide the Best Immigration Consultants in Pune for Canada PR?

Talent Connected Worldwide has been a leading Canada immigration consultancy in India for many years now. We offer the best consultation to our clients based on their needs and preferences. Here are some of the reasons why people who are serious about immigrating to Canada choose us over any other consultancy:

  1. TCWW has become a popular Canada immigration consultancy over the past 7 years because of our excellent selection record. We have helped over 6000 people immigrate.
  2. We are led by ICCRC accredited layers who have many years of experience in the field. This allows us to be on top of every immigration application from all technical and legal angles.
  3. Our consultations are based on the specific needs of our clients. The allows us to enhance their immigration chances as they want and also speed up their selection process.
  4. Our Canada immigration consultants work in teams on every case. As a result, our clients get the best consultancy services from us and often get to immigrate quickly.
  5. We provide our consultancy services to help clients get a clear picture of their immigration pathway. This helps them understand all related aspects and requirements thereof.
  6. We always work on the basis of legal contracts. This is done to ensure the client of their legal right to our consultancy services and also serve as evidence for payment for these services.
  7. We have a very sophisticated application processing methodology which is a result of many years of exposure. This methodology ensures the best immigration chances to all our clients.

From the above, it is easy to see why Talent Connected Worldwide has achieved such great success. But none of this would have been possible if not for our working process. Let us tell you about that now.

How Does Talent Connected Worldwide Help Secure Canada PR for Clients?

Talent Connected Worldwide is well-known for being very open and clear with clients. We help them understand if they can immigrate to Canada and if so, how can we help them ensure that. Here is the process we follow:

Initial Consultation

The opening consultation is where we take a brief look at where the client wants to immigrate. We also ask the client for the relevant documents and a small evaluation fee. This fee is refunded later if we think we cannot help the client move to Canada. In the initial consultation, we also ask the client for their preferences and give them a general overview of the process as a whole. This helps them understand how we will help them immigrate if it is at all possible.

Evaluating Documents

After the consult, our Canada immigration experts take a detailed look at the documents submitted by the client. They use the info to draw up fairly accurate CRS score and then compare the same with the prevalent pattern for CRS score in the Express Entry. This helps us determine the client’s chances of getting selected and exploring how we can make that a real possibility. Once the evaluation is complete, we schedule another session with the client.

Detailed Consult

In this stage, we relay to the client all that we have found out. We also give them a clear picture of how we will help their chances of selection improve and provide a detailed roadmap leading up to the selection itself. If the client agrees with us, then we create legal contracts for our consultation service. These documents contain all the information relating to our services and the fee payable for the same. Once the contracts are signed, we begin working.

Client Application

Working on behalf of the client, we create their Express Entry profile after gathering and verifying all the documents. We also create a PNP if necessary and approved by the client along with searching for a suitable job for them through our extensive contacts in the Canadian market. We also keep the client informed of all our actions at all times.

Express Entry Draws and Selection

Since we are based in Toronto, Ontario, we are usually among the first Indian immigration consultants to know of Express Entry draws. We quickly check if our clients have been selected and inform them of the result. Mostly, they receive their ITAs soon after the draws. Then will follow this up by acquiring all the right documents for their immigration, applying for the Canada PR visa on their behalf and ensuring all legal aspects are sorted before they board the flight. In the rare case they do not get selected, we rework their profiles and help them get selected in the next few tries. The IRCC would ask you and your family members to take the required medical examination.

So, it is clear that our working methodology is detailed and professional to the core. That is why we have such a high success rate. If you are still in two minds about help, let us help you decide.

Should You Choose Talent Connected Worldwide as Your Canada Immigration Consultants?

Talent Connected Worldwide proudly bears the title of the best immigration consultants in Pune for Canada PR because it is a client-centric consultancy. We understand that our clients rely on us to make their immigration dreams come true. So, our approach is both personal as well as professional.

Also, all our cases are overseen by Ms. Rachal Sidhu. As an ICCRC accredited lawyer, she has more than enough knowledge and experience to provide the perfect legal advice to all our clients. This is instrumental in our ability to enhance our client’s immigration chances and also ensure sound legal backing.

In short, Talent Connected Worldwide is the best consultancy for Canada PR immigration in India. Contact us today and join the growing list of successful TCWW clients who have achieved their immigration dream through us!