Canada Govt to Invest $780 in the Largest Electric Bus project 

On May 8, 2023, the Canadian government announced its first important purchase of more than 1,000 electric buses to expand the network of electric public transportation in Quebec’s eastern province. Canada’s government to invest $780 in the largest electric bus project. This investment will help a lot to the Canadian economy and as well as improving the lives of Quebecers and all Canadians. Making Canada Affordable for Everyone | Come, Live in Canada!

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What’s the Investment about? 

The federal government and the provincial government of Quebec will each contribute more than 780 million Canadian dollars (585 million US dollars) and more than 1.1 billion Canadian dollars (825 million US dollars), respectively, to support the purchase of 1,229 electric buses for Quebec’s network of electric public transit.

According to the announcement, the financial support is unmatch in Canada and enables the execution of the largest electric bus project in North America.

How would the Investment Help? 

The financing will help ten Quebec public transportation agencies to start a major conversion of their bus fleets to 100% electric. According to the announcement, the investment fulfills the federal government’s commitment to assist in the purchase of 5,000 zero emission buses over the next five years.

According to the announcement, the level of Canadian content demand in this call for tenders set at 25% and the final assembly carry out in Canada in order to maximize the possibility of local economic benefits.

Following a public request for tenders in April 2022, Nova Bus, based in Saint-Eustache, was awarded the contract to produce these buses. All of the buses will cover with this and manufactured or built in Nova Bus’ Quebec plant, This will result in huge economic benefits for both Quebec and Canada. The buses are going to arrive in 2027.

Beginning in 2025, all new vehicles acquired by public transportation agencies and receiving government subsidies must be electric vehicles, according to Quebec’s Green Economy Plan. 

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