Documents To Prepare While Waiting in Express Entry Pool

The last Express Entry draw was held on 19 June 2024, and so if we follow the most recent trend of EE draws, the next one should be conducted on 3rd July 2024. Until then, if you are in the Express Entry pool, there are a few things you can do to utilize your time. In this blog, we will talk about the documents you can prepare while you are in the pool to save your time afterwards. 

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Which Documents Can You Prepare While You’re in the Express Entry Pool?

While a person is waiting in the Express Entry pool, they can prepare a number of documents which they will require at the time of filing a Canadian permanent residency application. Following are the documents recommended to prepare while you are in the pool:

  1. Proof of Work Experience
  2. Proof of Job Offer
  3. Passport
  4. Language Test Results
  5. Proof of Education
  6. Trade Certificate
  7. Provincial Nomination Certificate
  8. Police Certificate  
  9. Proof of Funds
  10. Common-Law Union Form
  11. Marriage Certificate
  12. Death Certificate
  13. Divorce Certificate
  14. Birth Certificate
  15. Adoption Certificate

Some of these documents would be required at the time you are creating an Express Entry profile. Though you won’t be required to upload the documents in the profile, you still need the information from those documents. 

You would need the rest of the documents while filing your PR application. Keep one more thing in mind: not all these documents are mandatory, some of these are optional and hence depend on your particular circumstances. 

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