Express Entry Draw #291 – 1500 ITAs issued for Francophones

Express Entry Draw #291

The IRCC issued 1500 Invitations to Apply in the latest category-based Express Entry draw announced for French language proficiency. The CRS cut-off for Express Entry Draw #291 was 388 points.  

Date of Draw: 26th March 2024

Day of Draw: Tuesday

Time of Draw: 15:59:36 UTC

Type of Draw: French Language Proficiency

CRS cut-off: 388

ITAs issued: 1500

Applicants who received an Invitation to Apply in Express Entry Draw #291:

Previous draws for French Language Proficiency 

The 291st Express Entry draw is the third draw exclusively for the French language category this year. All previous draws for this category are tabulated below.

French Language Proficiency Draws in 2024
#DrawDateITAs issuedCRS score cut-off
291 26.03.20241500388
French Language Proficiency Draws in 2023
#DrawDateITAs issuedCRS score cut-off

Key Details about the 291st Express Entry Draw

Following are the most important details about the 291st round of invitation:

  • There was a significant drop in the number of ITAs issued compared to the previous draws held for the French language proficiency category. 
  • The CRS score cut-off was 52 points higher than the previous draw in this category. 
  • This is the third draw exclusively for Francophones. 
  • Till now, 19,700 applicants have received ITAs in the French language proficiency category.

Steps after the ITA

If you have received an Invitation to Apply in the latest Express Entry draw, you must apply for Canada PR within 60 days. This is the stage where you will need to upload all the documents supporting and validating your CRS score and pay the processing fee. Any discrepancies between your Express Entry profile and PR application can lead to immediate rejection.

Talent Connected Worldwide has the highest success rate in Canada PR through the Express Entry pathway. 

Create your profile with us and get an ITA in the next draw with the highest CRS score possible. 

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