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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the Canadian government’s department that processes all kinds of visas and permit applications. But that’s not all, IRCC also processes Canadian PR cards, citizenship certificates, and passports too. IRCC has to deal with millions of applications every year, filed for different purposes, but all aiming to become a part of Canada, one way or the other. 

Since, IRCC is responsible for processing all these applications, it is not possible for it to process them all on the given time limit. This is why the department says that it aims to process 80% of applications within the standard processing time. Hence, this blog will mention those standard processing times, for applications processed by IRCC. 

NOTE: The IRCC processing times change on a monthly basis for PR applications, while weekly for temporary resident applications. This is the latest processing time, last updated on 22 May 2024.

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Application Type Processed by IRCC

Application TypeFee
For Temporary Residency 
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)CAN$7
International Experience Canada (IEC)CAN$172
Study PermitCAN$150
Work PermitCAN$155
Open Work PermitCAN$100
Temporary Resident PermitCAN$229.77
Visitor VisaCAN$100
For Permanent Residency 
Quebec Business ImmigrationCAN$2,385
Start-Up Visa
Home Child Care Provider PilotCAN$1,210
Home Support Worker Pilot
Express EntryCAN$1,525
Agri-Food Pilot
Provincial Nominee Program
Atlantic Immigration Program
Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
Humanitarian and CompassionateCAN$1,210
PR Card & Permanent Resident Travel DocumentCAN$50
Family Sponsorship CAN$1,205
Citizenship certificateCAN$75
Right of CitizenshipCAN$100
Canada PassportCAN$120-160

Temporary Residence Visa Application Processing Times

There are many kinds of visa types under the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), let’s check them out one by one:-

IRCC Processing Time for Visitor Visa

  1. Outside Canada (from India): 30 days
  2. Inside Canada: 25 days

Processing Time if you are applying for Visitor Extension:

  • Online – 89 days

Visa Application Processing Time for a Super Visa :

If the parents or grandparents live in India- 47 days

IRCC Visa Application Processing Time for Study Permit

  • If you are applying from outside Canada- 15 weeks
  • If you are applying from inside Canada – 12 weeks

Processing Time if you are applying for a Study Permit Extension- 44 days

What is the IRCC Processing Time for Work Permit:

  • Outside Canada (India) –21 weeks
  • Inside Canada (initial as well as extension) – 90 days
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) – 49 days
  • International Experience Canada (IEC) Visa Application Processing Time Canada-  6 weeks
  • Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): Though it only takes around 5 minutes, you still should not wait until the last minute to apply for an eTA. 

Permanent Residency Programs

Provincial Nominee Program

  • If you applied online via Express Entry – 6 months
  • If you applied offline – 11 months
  • Canadian Experience Class – 5 Months
  • Federal Skilled Workers Program – 5 months
  • Atlantic Immigration Program – 6 Months
  • Quebec Selected-Skilled Workers Program – 9 months
  • Quebec Business Skilled Workers – 54 months
  • Start-up Visa – 37 months
  • Self-Employed Persons- 52 Months


Home Child Care Provider Pilot/Home Support Worker

  • If you have less than 12 months of experience: 32 – 35 months (for work permit and permanent resident review) and further time in the review of your work experience
  • If you have 12 months or more of experience: 26 – 31 months

Family Sponsorship

On the basis of who you are sponsoring, the processing time will vary:

a. If your Spouse/Common-law partner lives in Canada

  • If you will be living in Quebec – 27 months
  • You won’t live in Quebec – 11 months

b. If your Spouse/Common-law partner/Conjugal Partner lives outside Canada

  • If you will be living in Quebec – 34 months
  • You won’t live in Quebec – 13 months

c. IRCC processing time if you are sponsoring a dependent child

  • Living in India – 21 months

d. Application processing time for your Parent/Grandparent

  • If you will be living in Quebec – 33 months
  • You won’t live in Quebec – 20 months

e. IRCC processing time if you are sponsoring an adopted child/other relative

  • In case the person being sponsored lives in India – N/A

Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases

Visa application processing time for Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases – 24 months


The passport application processing time depends on where you are applying from and the kind of service you want. 

  • If you are applying from Canada:
  • For regular service: Processing time if the application is submitted at a Service Canada Centre – 10 – 20 business days
  • For urgent service/ Express service: urgent service- by end of next business day ; Express service – 2 to 9 days
  • If you are applying from the USA – 20 business days
  • If you are applying from abroad – 20 business days


On the basis of citizenship application type, the IRCC processing time varies. 

  • a. Citizenship Grant – 08 months
  • b. Citizenship certificate – 03 months
  • c. Resumption of Citizenship – N/A
  • d. Renunciation of Citizenship – 13 months 
  • e. Search of Citizenship Records – 13 months 


  • Part 1 – 13 months
  • Part 2 – Varies by each case

Permanent Resident Cards

The IRCC processing time varies for PR cards based on:

  • If you submitted a solemn declaration – 65 days
  • You are waiting for your first PR card – 77 days

Replacing or Amending Documents

  • Verification of status – 30 weeks
  • Amendments of Immigration Documents – 27 weeks
  • Replacement of Valid Temporary Resident Documents – 5 weeks
  • Amendments of Valid Temporary Resident Documents – 5 weeks

One thing you must keep in mind is that these times may vary depending on the situation, the individual’s application, and some other factors. Hence, the processing time given here is just an approximation provided by IRCC and not a definite time. 

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