What is Ontario PNP Draw?

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Ontario PNP Draw

What is Ontario PNP Draw?


As Ontario PNP is one of the most favoured immigration programs for Canada, hence, there are basically three wide streams within the Ontario PNP and all of them conduct Ontario PNP draws . All of these streams offer employment to different categories- skilled workers, traders and businessmen. Therefore, they have different processes and eligibility requirements.

However, what is common to most of these immigration entries is the process of applying for Express Entry. After receiving the entries, Ontario PNP conducts an Ontario PNP draw from time to time to send invitations to the highest scorer candidates to come and apply for provincial programs, therefore it shows that Ontario PNP draw happens according to the local need and also the number of applications received.

Invitations are issued under the draw process for the various streams covered by Ontario’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

Therefore, following are such streams

Human Capital Category

  • Masters Graduate
  • Ph.D Graduate

Employer Job Offer

  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • International Student Stream
  • In-demand Skills Stream

Business Category

  • Entrepreneur Stream

Ontario PNP Draw History 2022

Ontario conducts frequent draws every year for the most popular immigration streams. These include the in-demand skills and the human capital priorities. However, the pandemic disrupted this well organised system of Ontario PNP draw. Ontario has an aging population and therefore requires highly skilled immigrants, therefore the pandemic was the first time when the immigrants felt like a danger and a burden on the Canadian economy. The assets of the community were no longer the immigrants.. Hence,  the notion was completely changed and the carrier of the fatal virus were seen as the immigrants.. The focus of the Canadian government changed from boosting the economy of the country to saving the life of the already little population

But Ontario PNP draws resumed in 2021 and came back to its previous schedule in 2022. The following is Ontario PNP draw history 2022 along with the Notifications Of Interest (NOI):

Moreover, in March 2022, Ontario PNP draw 2022 took place in the following categories. Have a look at the cut off and the list to prepare yourself for the net Ontario PNP draw.

1. Human Capital Category: Masters Graduate stream
Ontario PNP draw 2022 placed the cut off for Masters Graduate at 39 or above

2. Employer Job Offer Category: Foreign Worker Stream:  Those who scored 23 and above and had work experience in the National Occupational Codes (NOC) were sent invitations in this Ontario PNP draw

3.Employer Job Offer Category: In-demand Skills
For the candidates under this stream also, Ontario PNP draw was conducted, moreover, they placed the cut-off score at 21 or above with work experience in the following NOC

Ontario PNP Latest Draw

The process of the Ontario PNP draw continues in April 2022 too. This shows the frequency and the speed with which Ontario wants immigrants.

The following is the list of Ontario PNP latest draw:

The following table will give the applicants an insight into the question, “how much money does one need actually?

Ontario PNP Tech Draw

Ontario is one of the largest provinces of Canada and is also the home to its capital city, Ottawa. Along with being big in the category of area, Ontario also has a considerable amount of population of the entire Canada. And therefore, Ontario is the nerve centre of Ontario’s economy. Canada is technologically advanced and therefore a developed nation. But it is eternally in shortage of the labour forces.

Though Ontario wants immigrants to enter the province in almost all occupations, the greatest need is in the skilled category. And even in that category, technology occupations are in the highest need of immigrants. Keeping this in mind, Ontario PNP started a new category of draws in the Ontario PNP draw, namely the Ontario PNP tech draw. In July 2019, the Ontario PNP tech draw was done in six specific National Occupations Classification (NOC) codes.

These National Occupations Classification (NOC) are essentially part of one of the most popular immigration streams of Ontario PNP draw, Human Capital Priorities Stream. The following are those six NOC codes:

Application procedure: To immigrate to Ontario as a foreign worker, the applicant must make a profile on Ontario PNP portal and then submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Ontario PNP will make a merit based on a point-based system and rank the applicants. The highest-ranking candidates will be invited to apply for provincial nomination. After acquiring this nomination, they become eligible to apply for Canada PR.

The core thing that can make or break your chances of getting nominated for Ontario PNP is their points-based system also called Foreign worker stream ranking system:

NOC 2173 – Software Engineers And Designers

NOC 2174 – Computer Programmers And Interactive Media Developers

NOC 2175 – Web Designers And Developers

NOC 2172 - Database Analysts And Data Administrators

NOC 0213 – Computer And Information Systems Managers

Ontario PNP points calculator also affect Ontario PNP draw in technical occupations.It is an advisory for the applicants to have a fair understanding of this calculator for ease of application in Ontario PNP draw.

NOC 2147 – Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers And Designers)

67 Points Immigration Canada Calculator

Ontario PNP is considered one of the most favoured pathways to immigrate to Ontario and Ontario PNP draw is the pathway. This provincial immigration pathway has something to offer to almost all the categories of immigrants from International students to skilled workers and business oriented people. During the pandemic, almost all the immigration pathways took a hit and weren’t actively inviting people to immigrate to Canada. But even at that time, Ontario PNP draws were being done along with other provinces also conducting some of their draws along the lines of Ontario PNP draw.

Ontario PNP updates along with Ontario PNP draw updates, are regularly in mention on the official page of Ontario PNP. However, it is withheld due to the ongoing provincial elections in Ontario. This means they are sending NOIs and ITAs to the candidates but they are not updating the same information on their page.

But there is nothing to worry about because Talent Connected Worldwide, the best Canadian immigration consultants in India, has all the Ontario PNP updates along with all the latest information about Ontario PNP draw along with Ontario PNP next draw date.

Ontario PNP Latest Draw CRS Score

Information about Ontario PNP latest draw crs score is important to those who were already in the pool. However, it is also important to those who are planning to immigrate to Ontario because it is an advisory to have a fair idea about one’s crs score. It will give the applicants a clear picture of their application prospects and allow them to move ahead accordingly.

On 26th May 2022,Ontario PNP draw was done and accordingly, between 295 and 461 lied the Ontario PNP latest draw score. For Express Entry profiles under the Skilled Trades stream of Ontario this Ontario PNP draw was done. The crs score in this Ontario PNP draw went down by 5 points compared to the previous Ontario PNP draw. This shows the importance of the CRS score calculator in Canadian immigration in general and Ontario PNP draw in particular.

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