Best Immigration Consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR

Best Immigration Consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR
  1. What Is the Canada PR Immigration Application Process?
  2. How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Help You Achieve Your Canada Immigration Dream?
  3. What Is the Tcww Canada Immigration Application Handling Process?
  4. Why Is Tcww the Best Immigration Consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR?

Canada is a dream immigration destination for countless students and professionals all over the world. As one of the most liberal and progressive nations on the planet, it offers a number of amazing opportunities to deserving applicants. Moreover, the recently established Express Entry program has now made Canada immigration easier than ever before. So, it is only natural for countless people to want to move to Canada.

However, since Canada immigration has become quite simple and straightforward, this has also increased the number of applicants by a lot. This means every Canada immigration applicant faces immense competition and so, only a few actually get to live their Canada PR dream.

Bangalore is one Indian city with one of the biggest Canada PR application rates. So, there are a lot of companies claiming to be the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR. But not all of them are reliable. In fact, only those with a great track record for success and a clear working process are worth trusting. But before any of that, you need to know what the actual process is. So, let’s talk about that.

What Is the Canada PR Immigration Application Process?

Canada’s Express Entry program is the national immigration process set up by the Canadian government. If you want to apply for Canada PR, you have to go through the following process:

Express Entry Program

The Express Entry program is based on individual profiles. To enter into the immigration applicants pool, you must first create an Express Entry profile. Head over to the CIC website and fill out their profile form. You will be asked to enter specific details like age, education, work experience, language ability etc.

Each of these details must be validated with the right documents. This is where most private applicants fail and so, you should speak to our Canada immigration experts before applying. Once you fill out the profile and give the right documents, you will be given a CRS score. This is the main score that will decide if and when you can move to Canada as a PR.

Provincial Nomination Programs

Canada has many provinces and all of them have their own immigration programs. These are called PNPs or Provincial Nomination Programs. They also work with the Express Entry program although their application criteria are decided by the provincial immigration authority. This can help applicants who do not have enough CRS points to still move to Canada if they get a PNP nomination.

However, some provinces may charge an evaluation fee so it is best to consult immigration experts before applying. The application process, however, is the same as for Express Entry. Only, you have to go to the individual immigration website of the province to fill out the required form.

Express Entry Draws

The CIC issued Express Entry draws every 15 days or so. This draw is used to screen out unfit candidates and select the best ones for immigration. Normally, a CRS cut-off is issued during the draw. All applicants with CRS scores above the cut-off get an Invitation to Apply.

Once they get this document, they have 90 days to apply for a Canada PR visa. Again, there are several technicalities involved here and so, taking professional immigration help is the best idea.

Moving to Canada

After you receive the visa, you will get 12 months to move to Canada. During this time, you will need to gather several documents like police clearance certificates, financial documents etc. that are necessary to immigrate successfully.

Further, when you land in Canada, you will have to undergo a paid medical exam. Only after you get the medical clearance certificate can you formally become a Permanent Resident of Canada.

So, while the Canada immigration process is very straightforward, it does have a lot of factors involved. That is why the majority of applicants for Canada immigration choose to go through professional Canada immigration consultants. This vastly increases their chances of immigration and also ensure they do not waste time and money.

If you are looking for the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR, the Talent Connected Worldwide is the answer. Let us tell you why we are the only Canada immigration experts in Bangalore you should work with.

How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Help You Achieve Your Canada Immigration Dream?

Talent Connected Worldwide is a nationally-renowned international immigration consultancy. We offer multiple immigration services to Canada at very economical prices. Here are the main reasons why we are the first choice for Bangaloreans wanting to become Canadian PRs:

  1. TCWW has a stunning success rate with over 6000 successful applications under its belt.
  2. We are an ICCRC accredited Canada immigration consultancy with 7+ years of industry experience.
  3. We cater to a wide range of applicants from different professions and provide customized immigration packages based on individual requirements.
  4. Our headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So, we are always the first to know about changes in immigration laws, Express Entry draws etc.
  5. Our executive board is headed by ICCRC accredited lawyers with profound knowledge of Canada immigration laws, processes and all other aspects.
  6. We provide comprehensive immigration consultation services. You can trust us to help you in every step towards becoming a Canada PR.
  7. We offer a completely crystal clean immigration plan to all clients. This helps them understand the entire process and how we are going to help them immigrate to Canada.

As you see, Talent Connected Worldwide has immense benefits to offer all Bangalorean Canada immigration aspirants. Now, let us tell you how we actually work so you can see why we can give you the best chance for a successful Canada immigration.

What Is the Tcww Canada Immigration Application Handling Process?

TCWW is renowned for having a fluid, transparent, meticulous and sophisticated immigration application process. Our mission is to help all our clients understand their immigration potential and then achieve it. Here’s how we do that:

Case Submission

The first step is to have an initial consultation with the client. We ask for relevant documents, immigration preferences and a refundable evaluation fee. This lets us understand the specific needs of our client and work accordingly.

Assessing Documents

Document assessment starts after the initial consultation and can take up to a week. We look at the immigration possibilities of our client and derive a rough CRS score. If their score is good or can be improved to get a high chance of immigration, we set up a future consultation session at the earliest. In case their application cannot be improved at the moment, the client’s evaluation fee is refunded.

Customized Consultation

Here, we give clients vital insights into how we can help them move to Canada as PR. We also tell them what they need to do in order to make this happen. The clients are also told of every step in the process and asked to provide the remainder of the consultation fee. We also draw up detailed contracts to ensure our client’s legal rights to our services. Once all the legalities are completed, we move to the next step.

Optimizing Immigration Chances

From the time the legal contracts are signed, our Canada immigration experts work optimally to secure immigration to our clients. They also keep in constant touch with clients as per their preferences. Based on the overall evaluations, they improve the CRS score, search for jobs through our extensive Canadian recruitment network and even make additional applications for PNP if required. All decisions are made with the final consent of the client and inclusive of the overall consultation fee.

Express Entry Draw and Immigration Nomination

When the Express Entry draws are held, our clients are informed if they will get an Invitation to Apply. If their CRS score is not high enough, we resume the CRS improvement efforts and also ask the client to enhance their attributes, if necessary. Most of our clients get selected in the first attempt. The very few that do not also get selected in the second or third try. After selection, we also acquire the PR visa on the client’s behalf and procure the relevant police and financial documents.

TCWW is dedicated to helping our clients move to Canada successfully. That is why our working process is so detailed and professional. Clearly, we are the best choice for all professionals who seriously want to move to Canada. If you are still in doubt, let us help you make a decision!

Why Is Tcww the Best Immigration Consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR?

TCWW is an all-rounder in the Canada immigration industry. We provided customized immigration services at the best prices. Our director, Ms. Rachal Sidhu oversees all cases and ensures their selection at the earliest. She is an ICCRC accredited (Regn. No. R527196) immigration lawyer with many years of industry experience. All our consultants work under her guidance and this lets us have an exceptional success rate. If you want to move to Canada as fast as possible, Talent Connected Worldwide is the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada PR. Contact us now!