Best Immigration Consultants in Mumbai for Canada PR

  1. What Is the Canada PR Immigration Application Process?
  2. How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Help Your Canada PR Dream Come True?
  3. How Does Tcww Evaluate Canada Immigration Applications and Provide Consultancy to Clients?
  4. Why Is Tcww the Best Immigration Consultants in Mumbai for Canada PR?

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Indian immigration aspirants in the world. Canada has the simplest and most direct immigration program in the world. Ever since the start of the Express Entry program, Canada immigration levels have steadily gone up.

Nowadays, Canada receives countless applications for immigration from all over the world. The fair and open CRS system gives equal opportunity to all applicants. But this also means there is a lot of competition for each vacancy.

This is one of the major reasons why professionals who are serious about immigrating to Canada approach Canada immigration consultants. In Mumbai, the number of Canada immigration applicants has risen exponentially over the past few years. Side by side, the number of immigration consultancies has also increased.

However, only a select few can ever come close to calling themselves the best immigration consultants in Mumbai. But before you approach any immigration consultancy, you should know the process yourself. Here is a brief introduction to it.

What Is the Canada PR Immigration Application Process?

The Express Entry program is Canada’s top immigration process. It has a very well-defined process which we will detail below:

Express Entry Program

All Canada immigration applications are based on specific applicant profiles. Basically, you have to go to the CIC website and create your profile. To do this, you will need to provide details like age, education, work experience, language ability, family in Canada (if any) etc. You could also apply as a couple with one of you serving as the principal applicant. In both cases, you will have to give documents to show that the info you have given is authentic. Once this is done, you will get a CRS score that will ultimately decide your chances of Canada immigration.

Provincial Nomination Programs

Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs are a great way to secure your Canada immigration. They are run by the provincial governments of each region and basically follow the same immigration application pattern. However, some of them charge money for evaluating your documents. So, you should speak to professional immigration consultants before you throw your money away. If you get selected for a PNP, you are basically guaranteed immigration in the next Express Entry Draw. That is why PNPs are a popular option for those who cannot get Canada immigration nominations through the national Express Entry route.

Express Entry Draws

Now, once your profile is made and you get your CRS score, you will have to wait till the next Express Entry draws to know if you got selected. These draws are held once every 15 days or so. The main thing that they do is declare the CRS score. This score is the minimum CRS points that you need to have to qualify for immigration. If your score is above the cut, you will get an Invitation to Apply. If your score does not meet the minimum cut, then you will have to try again. For those who get the IoA, you will have 90 days to apply for a Canada PR visa. It is highly recommended that you do this immediately after getting the IoA.

Canada Immigration

Once you have received your Canada PR visa, you are going to get 12 months to get all your affairs in order and immigrate to Canada. Now, it is important to note that there are some very important steps to be taken here. If you have a job offer from a Canadian company, that is great. But if you got selected without the job offer, then you will need financial documents that show you can support yourself and your family for at least 3 months in Canada. Further, you will also need to get a police clearance certificate before you board your flight. Also, upon reaching, Canada you will need to pay for and undergo a medical exam. Only when you get the medical clearance certificate can you formally become a Canada PR.

Well, that was a gist of the entire Canada immigration process. There are plenty of other details like which province you want to move to, what laws impact your stay etc. These should not be ignored and the best way to get the complete picture is to talk to experienced Canada immigration consultants. This is where we come in.

How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Help Your Canada PR Dream Come True?

Talent Connected Worldwide has become one of the best immigration consultants in Mumbai for Canada PR in the past few years. The reason for this is simple. We provide the best chances and the most number of options to help you move to Canada as a Permanent Resident. Here is why Mumbaikars always come to us with their Canadian immigration dreams:

  1. TCWW is extremely successful as Canada immigration experts having over 6000 happy clients living in Canada right now.
  2. We have been in business since 2011 and are ICCRC accredited specialists for Canada immigration.
  3. We offer customized consulting services to clients based on their line of work. Further, our consultancy packages are always modified to suit our clients’ needs.
  4. Our base of operations is in Toronto, Ontario. This means we always get to know all the latest news, announcements and Express Entry draw details first.
  5. We are led by vastly experienced ICCRC accredited lawyers. They know the Canada immigration laws inside out and use it in the best way to help our clients.
  6. Our Canada immigration consultancy is wholesome. By that, we mean we will stick with you all the way from Mumbai to Canada once you formally become our client.
  7. Our working process is arguably the most transparent in India. We strive to help our clients make the best decisions through complete clarity of process. Naturally, our clients never have to worry that their money is going to waste.

So, it is obvious from the above that Talent Connected Worldwide offer one of the finest Canada immigration consultancy services to Mumbaikars. On that note, allow us to detail our actual working process. Read on to know what makes us the most efficient Canada immigration consultancy in India.

How Does TCWW Evaluate Canada Immigration Applications and Provide Consultancy to Clients?

TCWW has a flawless, adaptive and amazingly smooth working process. All of this is thanks to our main goal – to help all our clients become Canada PRs as fast as possible. Let’s talk details now:

Case Submission

Our work begins when a client approaches us with their Canada immigration case. Alongside a brief discussion with them, we also ask for all the necessary documents needed for processing their application and a refundable fee for the evaluation. In case we feel we cannot help them after thorough evaluation, this fee is refunded.

Document Assessments

We conduct a complete assessment of the client’s documents. This process is completed in 7 days or less. We use the documents to estimate their CRS score and consider how it can be improved. Based on this evaluation, we set up a private consultancy with them at the earliest.

Customized Consultation

At the private consultation, our experts tell our clients what they will need to do to ensure immigration and how we can help with that. If the client agrees, we sign a contract with them guaranteeing our excellent immigration consultation services at a fair price. Once the client makes the payment in full, the next steps are initiated.

Ensuring Best Immigration Chances

This is the step where the bulk of our efforts take place. We look at each and every aspect of Canada immigration laws and the client’s profile to ensure they have the maximum chance of getting selected. If we cannot get them through via Express Entry, we advise them to apply for PNP and do so with their consent. In this stage, we can also search for a suitable job for the client in Canada if they wish. We mostly recommend this unless the client wants to apply through Occupation in Demand streams.

Express Entry Draw and Immigration Nomination

At the next Express Entry draws, we check for our client’s nomination and inform them if they clear the CRS cut-off. If they do not, then we get to work again and enhance the CRS score further to give them better chances of selecting in the next draws. Mostly our clients get selected in the first draw. The very rare ones who do not get selected are almost guaranteed selection in the next draws.

Still wondering if we are the best chance you have of moving to Canada? Let us help you decide!

Why Is Tcww the Best Immigration Consultants in Mumbai for Canada PR?

TCWW is a comprehensive Canada immigration consultants. Our excellent consultants are dedicated, diligent and do their utmost to ensure immigration to clients. We are led by, Ms. Rachal Sidhu. She is the director of TCWW an ICCRC accredited (Regn. No. R527196) immigration lawyer. Her vast knowledge and guidance let us place almost all our clients successfully within months. In short, Talent Connected Worldwide is the best immigration consultancy in Mumbai for Canada PR. Contact us now to achieve your dream life abroad!