Find to your NOC Code

  1. Find your NOC Code in NOC 2021 Version 1.0
  2. Find your NOC Code by Job Title
  3. Find your NOC Code in NOC 2016 Version 1.3
  4. Why is it important to find your NOC Code?
  5. Finding your NOC Code for Canada Immigration
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
Find Your NOC Code

Finding your NOC code is one of the first steps towards the Canada Immigration process. The National Occupational Classification code or the NOC code is the classification code that categorizes all Canadian occupations. This classification aids in analyzing and collecting occupational data for labour market analysis, and administration of programs related to employment. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and StatCan collaborated for the development of the NOC codes. 

If you are an aspiring immigrant, student, or a worker, you can follow the steps below to find your NOC code.

Find your NOC code in NOC 2021 version 1.0

Find your NOC Code by Job Title

If you want to find your NOC code through your designation, you must follow the steps below. 

Step 1 Visit the NOC website and select the NOC version

Once you visit the official NOC website, select the NOC version according to which you want to find your NOC code. Currently, NOC 2016 version 1.3 is in use. However, after 16th November, NOC 2021 version 1.0 will be in use.  

We will assist you in finding your NOC code according to both the versions.

Find your NOC Code

Step 2 Select search by Job title and enter your job title

In order to find your NOC code according to your designation or job title, you must select the “Search by job title” option and enter your job title or a related term in the search bar. All the related occupations along with their NOC codes will be listed.

Find your NOC Code

For instance, if you try to find the NOC code for the designation “clerk”, all NOC codes will be listed containing jobs related to clerks. You can then find the NOC code most suitable for you.

In case you are unable to determine your designation, you can search by the most related and appropriate keyword.

Step 3 Select the NOC code most appropriate for your job title

Once you find your NOC code, ensure that you fulfill the job duties and possess the qualifying education of the selected NOC code. 

For example, if you select 12010 as your NOC code, you must make sure you perform all the main duties and have all the academic proficiency required in that NOC code. 

Find your NOC Code

The main duties and employment requirements for NOC 12010 are mentioned in the image above. To belong to this NOC code, you must be fulfilling at least some of the duties and should fulfill all the employment requirements for NOC 12010.

Find your NOC code in NOC 2016 Version 1.3

The NOC 2016 version 1.3 is currently in use. However, the new NOC 2021 version 1.0 will be implemented from 16th November, 2022. Following steps demonstrate how you can find your NOC code in the NOC 2016 version.

Step 1  Visit the NOC official website. 

Step 2  Select the NOC 2016 version

Find your NOC in 2016 Version

As you can see from the image above, all the NOC versions are listed and are available for the user to view. You must find your NOC code according to the NOC version currently in use.  

Step 3 Find your NOC code by job title

Click on the “Search by job title” as highlighted in the image. You can also find all the job titles included in a NOC code if you select the “Search by NOC code” option.

Step 4 Enter your job title and find your NOC code

The next step is to enter your job title. You can enter the exact job title or any relevant keyword. All the relevant NOC codes with matching job titles will be displayed. You can select the NOC code that includes or matches your job title most closely. 

Let us assume you are a medical doctor in healthcare who wants to find your NOC code.

Once you search for the keyword “Doctor”, all the relevant NOC codes will be listed as shown in the image below.

Find your NOC Code

The NOC code 3112 assigned to General Practitioners and family physicians is the most relevant NOC code. To ensure your job title is included in this NOC code, you can click on the matching job titles and find your designation. This is illustrated in the image below.

Find your NOC Code

Since your job title “Doctor of Medicine” is included in the NOC 3112, your NOC code will be 3112. `

Why is it important to find your NOC code?

National Occupational Classification or NOC code is used to classify and identify jobs throughout Canada. Thus, finding your NOC code is important if you aim to:

  • Work in Canada
  • Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.

Finding your NOC code for Canada Immigration

Knowing your NOC code is mandatory to be able to immigrate to Canada as a skilled immigrant. All prominent immigration programs such as Express Entry, and skilled immigration pathways in Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) require a valid NOC code.

Besides being a mandatory requirement, knowing your NOC code might be helpful in increasing your CRS score. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) awards additional points for immigrants with a job offer in an occupation belonging to NOC 0, A or B. This is demonstrated in the image below. 

Find your NOC Code

As shown in the image above, if your NOC code belongs in skill level 0, A or B, you will score 50 additional points. If your NOC code belongs to 00, you will be awarded 200 additional points. 

Your NOC codes also decide your eligibility for various immigration programs. For instance, to be eligible to immigrate as an International Skilled Worker in Saskatchewan, your job title must belong to NOC 0, A, and B. 

Knowing and finding your NOC code also helps you in knowing all the immigration programs you might be eligible for. For instance, many provinces offer special pathways for health care workers. 

Why should you choose Talent Connected Worldwide to find your NOC code?

A single NOC code might include 100s of jobs that require a common set of duties, additionally, one job may fall under several NOC codes. Finding your NOC code might become tricky if you carry out duties that are not exclusive to one single NOC code. An ICCRC/CICC authorized immigraton consultant helps you decide which NOC code will be the most appropriate and beneficial for your immigration profile. 

During the review of your PR application, your NOC code goes through a three-way match or verification

  • Verification through education: your academic proficiency is matched with the educational requirements of the NOC code selected.
  • Verification through work experience: Your previous work experience must be in the same NOC code and must satisfy at least some of the duties included in the selected code.
  • Verification through documentation: such as experience letters, job descriptions, reference letters etc.

You might be shouldering multiple duties and roles unofficially for which you might not be able to acquire an experience letter from your employer. 

You might overlook or be unaware of other potential NOC codes you would qualify for. In many cases, Canadian provinces and territories specifically look out for the NOC codes that they might need due to acute labour shortages. 

For instance, in the current post-pandemic climate, the need for health care workers such as physicians, nurses, and researchers will evidently reflect in the preference for the NOC codes belonging to these occupations.

Talent Connected Worldwide solves all such problems for an aspiring immigrant. We ensure:

  • Your NOC code is accurate: There might be NOC codes with overlapping duties and work requirements. We ensure that you choose the NOC code that increases your prospects of successfully getting Canada PR. Being legal immigration consultants for a decade, we know how much your NOC code impacts your immigration application. A large number of immigration profiles are rejected due to inaccurate NOC codes. We ensure this never happens.
  • 3- way NOC verification successfully happens: We make sure that the selected NOC successfully matches all the three criteria of education, experience, and documentation. Incase of missing paperwork, we help you find it’s legal alternative.

Deciding your NOC code is one of the most crucial steps in your Canada Immigration journey. Although you are not mandated to hire an immigration consultant, it is highly recommended that you do so even if there is even 1% doubt about your NOC code or any other factor in your immigration application. 

Preparing your Canada PR application is similar to preparing for a highly competitive exam. Coaching is not mandatory, but it exponentially increases your chances to be successful. 

Talent Connected Worldwide is one of the best immigration consultants in India that offer 100% legal and transparent immigration consultancy. Helping you decide which NOC code will earn you the maximum points, and increase your chances of an ITA (Invitation to Apply), is one the many professional services we provide to guarantee you a safe and smooth immigration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding your NOC code and skill level?

Step 1  Visit to the NOC official website

Step 2  Then select the NOC 2016 version

Step 3 Enter your job title and find your NOC code

Why is the NOC system used?

The NOC codes are used to classify the jibs throughout Canada.

Which NOC code is in demand in Canada?

Here are the top 10 most-demanded NOCs in Canada


NOC 31102

General practitioners and family physicians


NOC 31100

Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine


NOC 31101

Specialists in surgery


NOC 33102

Nurse Aides


NOC 65200

Food and beverage servers


NOC 65201

Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations


NOC 65310

Light duty cleaners


NOC 73300

Transport truck drivers


NOC 73400

Heavy equipment operators


NOC 75110

Construction trades helpers and laborers