Which is the Best Province to Live in Canada?


Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan are the best provinces to live in Canada. Selecting the best province depends upon whether you are a skilled worker, a student, or settling in the country with your spouse and children. The first step in Canadian immigration is to research which province is the best according to your economic conditions and lifestyle. Fortunately, Canadian provinces offer something for every aspiring immigrant who aims to settle in the country as a permanent resident. This blog will highlight the key advantages of living in the best Canadian provinces and calling it your home. 

Advantages of Living in Alberta


Alberta is one of the best provinces to live in Canada for immigrant skilled workers, international students, as well as entrepreneurs. The province welcomed at least 54,287 immigrants in 2023 and has the highest interprovincial migration in Canada. 

Whether you are a skilled worker, an international student, or an Entrepreneur, Alberta is one of the best places to settle in. This is due to the following significant factors.

  • High Salary – The average salary in Alberta is $67,912 (Canadian Dollars). The province has the highest median salary after income tax in Canada. This makes the province an ideal choice for skilled workers. If you are working in Alberta your minimum wages will be as indicated in the table below.
WorkersMinimum Wages (Canadian Dollar)
General workers$15/hour
Students below 18 years $13/hour
Salespersons $598/week
Domestic employees who live in their employers’ homes$2848/month
  • Plethora of Job Opportunities-  Currently, there are at least 80,700 job vacancies in Alberta throughout various industries. Thus, the province offers plenty of employment opportunities for workers.
  • Low Cost of Living– Alberta offers high income with a lower cost of living. This means that people who immigrate to Alberta enjoy a higher quality of life. The province is among the few Canadian provinces without a Provincial Sales Tax. 

Moreover, you will not need to pay for any healthcare premiums. If you live and work in Alberta, you will get access to quality medical services such as hospitals, clinics, and social support services completely free. You will need to register to avail free healthcare in the province. 

Owning or renting a house is relatively cheaper in Alberta. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the province ranges from $1266 to $1465 while owning a house costs approximately $491962 (CAD). 

  • Quality Free Education- Alberta offers free public education for students below 20 years old. Moreover, the province also offers premium post-secondary education along with various scholarships and student aids. The University of Calgary and the University of Alberta are among the best universities in the world. This access to free quality education makes the province a perfect choice for immigrants who aim to settle in the province with their children. 

How can you immigrate to Alberta?

If you aim to settle in Alberta as a permanent resident, you can apply for provincial nomination through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program or AAIP. There are 8 streams under the AAIP.

  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream – Apply for provincial nomination through this pathway if you are already living and working in Alberta, and have a job offer in the tourism and hospitality industry of the province.
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream– Dedicated stream for skilled workers living and working in Alberta with a full-time job offer from a valid employer.
  • Rural Renewal StreamFor applicants who have a job offer from a valid employer in a designated Albertan rural community.
  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream– Dedicated pathway for entrepreneurs who want to establish or buy an existing business in a rural community in Alberta.
  • Graduate Entrepreneur StreamThis AAIP stream is for graduates who have graduated from an approved Albertan post-secondary institution, and want to establish or buy a business in the province.
  • Farm StreamThis stream is exclusively for experienced farmers who want to establish or buy a farm in Alberta
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur StreamInternational students with foreign post-secondary education who aim to launch an innovative business can apply through this AAIP pathway.

Once you become a provincial nominee through any one of the above AAIP streams, apply for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program within 6 months. 

Benefits of Living in Ontario


Ontario is among the best Canadian provinces to live in due to its job opportunities, competitive salaries, world-class education, and high quality of life. The province is among the most popular for immigrants due to the following factors.

  • Job Opportunities– Ontario has the largest number of job vacancies in Canada. Currently, there are at least 204,375 job vacancies in the province. This is the best province to live in Canada for skilled workers and welcomes the highest number of economic immigrants in Canada.
  • High Salary and Minimum Wage– Ontario is scheduled to increase its minimum wage from $16.55 to $17.20 per hour from October 2024. Currently, the average annual income in the province is $65,860 (Canadian Dollars) – the fourth-highest average salary in Canada.
  • Stable and strong economy– Labelled as the economic engine of Canada, Ontario boasts of a robust economy. The province generates at least 37% of Canada’s GDP and has 50% of the country’s high-skilled workers.
  • Competitive Business Environment- Since the province enjoys a strong and flourishing economy, it also boasts of a healthy business environment. Since the province attracts a large population of talented skilled workers, it is easier and cheaper for entrepreneurs to hire them and be successful in the global marketplace. This makes Ontario the best province to live in Canada for Entrepreneurs and businesspersons.
  • Premium primary and secondary education- Like most of the Canadian provinces, Ontario offers free primary education. The province also attracts the maximum number of international students. In 2023, the province welcomed 539,480, or 52% of all foreign students in Canada. The University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, University of Ottawa, and Western University are among the top-ranking institutes in the world that are situated in Ontario. It also produces the largest number of STEM graduates in Canada. The province offers Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) to help eligible students pay for their tuition fees, books, living expenses, school fees, etc. 
  • World-class Free Healthcare- If you are working in Ontario with a valid work permit, applying for Canada PR, or are already a permanent resident, you can apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). The OHIP covers appointments with family doctors, visits to clinics and emergency rooms, and medical tests and surgeries.
  • High-Quality Life-  Every year, 100,000 immigrants choose Toronto, Ontario to live and work in. Moreover, the city has been listed among the most livable in the world. This Ontario offers clean and affordable electricity with almost 90% of it coming from clean sources. Even though the housing costs are relatively higher, Ontario is the best province to live in Canada for workers, students, and businesspersons alike.

How can you immigrate to Ontario?

If you aim to immigrate to Ontario, apply for Canada PR after becoming a provincial nominee. The province nominates applicants through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program which offers 9 dedicated streams.

  • OINP Skilled Trades Stream – You might be eligible for this OINP pathway if you have eligible Ontario work experience in one of the trade occupations, and have an active Express Entry profile.
  • OINP PhD pathway is exclusively for international students who have a PhD from an eligible University in Ontario.

Advantages of living in British Columbia (B.C)

British Columbia welcomed at least 66,268 immigrants in 2023, the second-highest number after Ontario. The province is one of the best provinces to live in Canada as it offers plenty of job opportunities, world-class education, and a robust and stable economy. The main advantages of living in British Columbia are:

  • Increasing minimum wages – Currently, the minimum wage in the province is $16.75/hr (CAD). However, it is scheduled to increase to $17.40/hr (CAD) from June 2024. These minimum wages are among the highest in Canada. 
  • High average salaries – The average salary in British Columbia is $65,052 (CAD) which is the fifth highest in Canada. 
  • Job Opportunities – Currently, the province has at least 89,665 job vacancies across various industries. High minimum wages and annual salaries, and plenty of job opportunities make British Columbia one of the most desirable Canadian provinces for foreign skilled workers.
  • Quality Education – In 2023, almost 204,100 or 20% of international students chose British Columbia to study and ultimately settle in. The University of British Columbia is one of the best universities in the world. Additionally, the province also offers free public primary education. A free program like StrongStart BC also helps young children up to 5 years old to prepare for kindergarten. A strong support system for children’s education makes British Columbia a perfect province to settle with your family. 
  • Free premium healthcare – British Columbia offers an affordable and accessible healthcare system. The province’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers various healthcare expenses such as dental surgeries, visits to physicians, etc.
  • High living standards – With competitive salaries, high-quality education, reliable healthcare, and a diverse and inclusive society, British Columbia offers one of the highest living standards in Canada. Moreover, Vancouver, BC is popularly ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

If you want to become a Canadian permanent resident and settle in British Columbia, you can apply for a PR visa through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BC PNP.

Advantages of living in Quebec


If you are a foreign skilled worker, student, or entrepreneur who is proficient in French, Quebec can be the best Canadian province to live in. The province is among the largest in Canada and attracted the third-largest immigrant population in 2023. The main factors that make it one of the best provinces to live in Canada are:

  • Plenty of Job Opportunities – Currently, Quebec has approximately 128,490 job vacancies, the second-highest number of job opportunities in Canada. Thus, if you are a skilled worker, it is the best province to get a well-paying and stable job. 
  • High Minimum wages and average annual salaries – Along with plenty of job opportunities, Quebec also offers competitive yearly salaries. The average annual income in the province is $61,664 (CAD). The current minimum wage is $15.75
  • Affordable Real Estate – Quebec has one of the most affordable real estate in Canada. While owning a house in the province costs approximately $511,023, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,210 (CAD). Lower housing costs with high annual salaries enable a luxurious standard of living.
  • The best and affordable education in the world – Quebec not only offers free elementary education but also has the best universities in the world. In 2023, the province welcomed at least 117,745, or 11% of international students who came to study in Canada. Quebec also offers the most affordable higher education for international students. The average tuition fee for international undergraduate students is $31,887, and for international graduates is $20,034
  • A diverse and inclusive society– Quebec offers a perfect balance between busy city life and peaceful and beautiful natural landscapes. Besides a safe and beautiful environment, the province has the most multicultural and inclusive society which makes it the best Canadian province for a newcomer.

If you permanently want to settle in Quebec, you will need to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate or a CSQ. Once you get a CSQ, apply for Canada PR through the Quebec Selected Skilled Worker program

What makes Saskatchewan the best province to live in Canada?


Besides Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, Saskatchewan is among the best Canadian provinces to work, study or live in. In 2023, the province welcomed 26,124 immigrants. The following factors make it a popular residential choice for immigrants.

  • High Salary and Job Opportunities– The province offers a high average annual salary of $61572 (CAD). Additionally, at present, there are at least 18,615 job opportunities in Saskatchewan. This makes the province desirable for foreign skilled workers.
  • Low cost of living– Compared to other Canadian provinces, it is very affordable to own or rent a house in Saskatchewan. The average cost of owning a house in the province is $334500 (CAD), and the average rent is $1347 (CAD).
  • Healthcare– Saskatchewan offers affordable healthcare and is one of the few provinces that does not levy any personal charges on healthcare services. It offers healthcare coverage to not just permanent residents and citizens but also to eligible temporary workers and international students. You must apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card as soon as you arrive in the province. 
  • Low tax rates– The province has the lowest Provincial Sales Tax in Canada at 6%. Corporate income tax is also one of the lowest in Canada. 
  • Affordable quality education– The average tuition fee in Saskatchewan for international undergraduates is $27,781(CAD), and for international graduates is as low as $8,965 (CAD). Moreover, international graduates living in the province and filing income tax returns are eligible for the Graduate Retention Program (GRP) which offers up to a $20,000 rebate in tuition fees. 
Program DurationMaximum Tuition Rebate under GRP
1 year certificate or diploma$3,000
2 year certificate or diploma$6,400
3-year undergraduate degree$15,000
4-year undergraduate degree$20,000
  • Low commute expenses and time – This is one of the most important advantages of living in Saskatchewan. Traveling between major cities throughout the province takes only 20 minutes. Saskatchewan also enjoys plenty of sunshine all year round. These factors enable the residents to enjoy a high quality of life. 

You can apply for provincial nomination through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or the SINP. Once you become a provincial nominee, you can apply for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) within 6 months. 

Even though Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan are the best provinces to live in Canada, there are many others that might be more suitable or affordable for you. With its headquarters located in Canada, Talent Connected Worldwide knows Canada and all its provinces like nobody else. Our experts will provide detailed information about all provinces and help you plan Canadian immigration with the highest chances of success. 

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