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Nova Scotia PNP Program Requirements 2022
  1. What Is the Minimum Eligibility Requirement for Apply for NSNP?
  2. How Can I Apply for a Nova Scotia PNP Program?
  3. How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Get You A Nova Scotia PNP Program?
  4. Why is Talent Connected Worldwide the Best consultancy for Canada Immigration in India?

Nova Scotia is Canada’s easternmost province. It is also a very densely populated one. If we talk about sheer popularity for immigration, Nova Scotia ranks among the top three. The province has a very large services economy. This means there are plenty of job opportunities there for all inhabitants.

In fact, the number of jobs is growing so quickly that there is a great demand for skilled professionals in the province. So, the Nova Scotia government has started giving out PNPs to deserving applicants. If you are a service-industry professional and have wanted to move to Canada for some time, Nova Scotia might be the best place for you to immigrate.

However, because Canada is so lucrative for immigration, that also means it is very competitive. You really have to have a lot of knowledge to make the application correctly. Of course, you also need the right attributes to get a good score and get selected for the PNP itself.

How to Apply Successfully for Nova Scotia PNP Program?

The best way to apply for NSNP, which is the official name for Nova Scotia’s PNP program, is through experienced Canada immigration experts. There are many factors involved in making the application correctly. It is not uncommon for applications to get rejected because of improper filing. You might be surprised how often cheap Canada immigration consultants have their applications rejected.

That is why Talent Connected Worldwide should by your first choice for Canada immigration experts. But before we tell you why we are the top Canada immigration experts for Nova Scotia PNP, let us tell you about NSNP itself. Here is a detailed overview of the NSNP immigration categories, eligibility requirements and application process.

What Are the Major Immigration Pathways in NSNP?

Nova Scotia has a diverse economy centered around services. So, it offers a number of streams for immigration ranging from skilled worker applications, in-demand job categories, experienced workers categories, entrepreneurship pathways etc. Here is a short intro into each of these:

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Skilled Worker Stream

This is by far the most popular stream for immigration via NSNP. It is meant for skilled professionals who have the right knowledge and experience to get hired quickly by a Nova Scotia employer.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream

This is the Occupation in-Demand category and is based on the NOC job categories. If your profession falls in NOC 0, A or B, this is the category you should apply through.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry Stream

This stream is intended for professionals who are currently working in Nova Scotia or have worked there before.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

This is by far the most popular stream for immigration via NSNP. It is meant for skilled professionals who have the right knowledge and experience to get hired quickly by a Nova Scotia employer.


A stream designed for businesspersons looking to establish an enterprise in Nova Scotia.

So, there are many options for getting a Nova Scotia PNP nomination. Your success and how soon you will get this nomination will depend on a number of factors like which stream you apply through, what is your assessment score, do you have a job offer, did you file the right documents etc.

Because of these reasons, the smartest NSNP applicants approach us at Talent Connected Worldwide for professional Canada immigration consultation services. Now, let us tell you about the minimum requirements you will need to fulfill to be considered for an NSNP nomination.

What Is the Minimum Eligibility Requirement for Apply for NSNP?

All immigration pathways in NSNP have their own specific requirements. For your specific immigration needs, we suggest you contact our Canada immigration experts. However, there are a number of general requirements that you will need to meet. Here they are:

  • Your job should be demanded in Nova Scotia. A labor market assessment will be required for the same.
  • You need to be between the ages of 18 and 49 years.
  • You need to have a minimum 4.5 IELTS score or a 4 CLB score in your language ability exam.
  • You should have at least 1 year of working experience or more in the industry you are currently working in.
  • You need to have the right educational qualification to work in your occupation. Also, you will need documents showing your educational qualifications are equal to that of the Canadian education system.
  • You need to show that you intend to live and work in Nova Scotia. This is most often done by submitting a settlement plan.

So, as you can see, Nova Scotia is a good place to immigrate. You will, however, need to get the right documents and advice to file the application in the right way.

The first thing to do is to look up the occupations that are in-demand in Nova Scotia at the moment. Depending on that, you should choose you NSNP immigration application stream.

So, getting Canada immigration help is the best way to move forward. Now, let us tell you the actual application process for NSNP.

How Can I Apply for a Nova Scotia PNP Program?

The Nova Scotia PNP Program is very quick in processing applications for immigration. Usually, an application is accepted or rejected within 3 to 6 months. Broadly speaking, there are two major steps involved in applying for an NSNP nomination. These are:

Express Entry Profile

All PNP nominations are ultimately processed through Express Entry. So, you need to create an Express Entry profile. To do this, you will have to go to the CIC website and fill out the form with particular details like your age, language ability, educational qualification, work experience etc. Also, when they ask you where in Canada you want to move, select Nova Scotia. This will notify the NSNP authorities and speed up your immigration process.

NSNP Profile

Once your Express Entry profile is made, you should also go make an NSNP profile. This will increase the speed at which your application is processed. The NSNP profile creation process is the same as Express Entry. Once that is made and the right documents have been submitted, you need to wait for a while. If you did everything right and your assessment score is high, then you will get an NSNP nomination soon. After that, wait for the next Express Entry draw to get the ITA and then apply for Canada PR visa. Once that is done you will have 12 months to move to Canada.

How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Get You A Nova Scotia PNP Program?

Talent Connected Worldwide is recognized as a leading Canada immigration consultancy. We have a very sophisticated working process that gives our clients a high chance of immigrating to Canada. Here are the details.

  • We start with an initial consultation with our client where we ask for the relevant documents needed for assessment. We charge a nominal evaluation fee which is refunded in case we feel we cannot help the client immigrate.
  • The next step involves a detailed document evaluation. Our Canada immigration experts evaluate all the factors that will determine your immigration chances. This process can take up to a week.
  • After the evaluation, we have a detailed consultation session with the client where we explain their immigration chances. We also give them a clear immigration plan to show how we can maximize their chances of getting a Canada PR visa. If they agree, we create formal legal contracts and all parties sign them. The client is then requested to pay the remainder of the consultation fee.
  • Once the fee is paid in full, we go about creating the Express Entry profile and making the NSNP application. We also look for job opportunities that will benefit the client. All actions are performed with complete knowledge of the client and mostly, they get the PNP nomination in a couple of months.
  • Once the Express Entry Draws are held, our PNP nominated clients get their Invitation to Apply or ITA. We then help them apply for and get the Canada PR visa. After that, we help them secure all the required documents like financial statements, medical clearance certificate, police certificate etc. and help them ensure they can immigrate without any problems.

From the above, you can see that Talent Connected Worldwide provides world-class Canada immigration consultation services. If you are serious about moving to Nova Scotia as a Canada PR, we are the best option for you. Let us explain why.

Why is Talent Connected Worldwide the Best consultancy for Canada Immigration in India?

Talent Connected Worldwide is a 7-year old ICCRC accredited Canada immigration agency. In that time, we have helped over 6000 applicants immigrate to Canada successfully. Our success is because of our eminent leadership which includes our director Ms. Rachal Sidhu. She is an ICCRC-accredited lawyer with complete knowledge of Canada immigration laws and many years of experience. Our Canada immigration consultants are similarly well-educated, experienced and have great knowledge of the Canada immigration process. If you want to move to Canada as soon as possible, then Talent Connected Worldwide is the best Canada immigration consultancy for you. Contact us today!