How to get Canada PR easily from India?


There are few programs through which candidates can immigrate to Canada and get Canada PR and candidates who have questions like “How to Get Canada PR” these types of questions are answered in this blog. 

  • Quebec Immigration Program 

Candidates who have any doubt regarding how to Get Canada PR and which is the most unique province of Canada then Quebec Immigration Program is the answer for that question. This province has special powers granted by the federal government of Canada, so it has its own rules for selecting Canadian permanent residents. This province gives priorities to those candidates who have proficiency in French language, as the official language of this province is French.

The immigration program of this province is divided into two stages. In order to get permanent residency in Canada, candidates must pass both the selection and admission stages.  “Selection” is conducted by the province, while “admission” is done by the federal government.

Candidates who have questions like how to get Canada PR, those candidates do not need to score 67 points in the Express Entry program. They can apply for the Quebec selection certification that will help them get the confirmation to immigrate to Quebec. Under the Quebec Immigration Program, there are several subcategories of immigration: 

  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program 

Foreign skilled candidates who are interested in immigrating to Canada and have questions about how to get Canada PR, this program creates a pathway for those candidates. All requirements must be met before an EOI (Expression of Interest) can be submitted. In order to calculate a candidate’s CRS score, a points-based system is used based on a few major factors: his or her age, educational qualifications, language abilities, and work experience. A Canada PR will be awarded to the highest scoring applicant.   

  • Quebec Business Immigration Program

This category is purely for those immigrant businessmen who are interested in starting their own business or investing in a running business in the province and have questions like how to get Canada PR. There are also sub-categories in this program:

Quebec Entrepreneur Program 

Quebec Investor Program 

Quebec Self-Employed Program 

  • Quebec Experience Class 

Through this program, candidates who are already living in this province and have graduated from the province and are eligible for permanent residency can apply for Canada PR. 

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 

It is one of Canada’s fastest immigration programs, as well as one of the most popular in the four Atlantic Provinces. This was introduced in 2017 to offer Canada PR to skilled workers. It is a real problem for these provinces (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick) to find skilled workers.

The purpose of this program was to encourage skilled immigration to these provinces to increase their population, employment, and economic development. These four provinces focus on specialized issues such as innovation, clean growth, and climate change, as well as skilled immigration, infrastructure, trade, and investment. 

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The Express Entry program is a federal immigration program for skilled immigrants offered by the Canadian government. This program has a subcategory for foreign skilled workers, which is called the Federal Skilled Program. In this case, only highly skilled foreign candidates can apply for Canada PR. Candidates should always check their eligibility for this program before applying.

In order to determine whether an applicant is eligible for this program, Canadian authorities use a point-based system. To be eligible for immigration to Canada, the applicant must score at least 67 points out of 100 based on some major factors in this point-based system. To participate in the Express Entry draw, candidates must score more than 67 points.

How to check Canada PR eligibility?

Candidates who have the question of how to get Canada PR, they first need to check whether they are eligible or not for any of these programs. All of these programs have some different requirements but all of these have some common requirements, which candidates have to fulfil in order to be eligible for the Canada PR. The requirements are mentioned below:

  • Age

Applicants who have questions about how to get Canada PR and planning to move to Canada, should be 18 or above. 

  • Work Experience 

As Canada emphasizes skilled immigrants who have working experience. So, candidates who have at least 1 to 2 years of working experience are eligible to apply for the Canada PR. 

  • Educational Qualification 

Candidates who have completed at least completed their graduation or any diploma which is equivalent to Canadian standard are eligible to apply for the Canada PR. So, if any candidate is concerned about how to get Canada PR, they are recommended to complete their education which is in demand or equivalent to Canadian standard. 

  • Language Proficiency 

This requirement is the most basic and important for the candidates who are planning to move Canada and have a query on how to get Canada PR. Candidates should have proficiency in either of the languages English or French and they must have scored CLB 6 to meet the eligibility quality. 

  • Adaptability 

Candidate’s spouses and common-law partners can also immigrate with them, they just need to follow up all the Canada PR eligibility.

How to get Canada PR without express entry?

Candidates who have a query on how to get Canada PR without Express Entry, first need to understand it is not possible for skilled immigrants to Canada PR without Express Entry. It is because Express Entry is the only program that caters to all the skilled immigrants who are looking forward to immigrating to Canada and getting Canada PR. If you want more details then you should consult our expert on the Canadian immigration process. We, Talent Connected Worldwide are the best immigration consultancy that is working dedicatedly in the immigration industry for the past 7 years. We will assure you if you have a dream to immigrate to Canada then we have the expertise to make your dream come true. 

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