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Ask an international immigration aspirant in India, where they would like to move and they will probably say Canada. Why is Canada immigration so popular? Well, there are several reasons for that.

The first reason has to do with the Canada immigration program itself. The Express Entry program is Canada’s national immigration pathway and widely regarded as one of the best immigration programs in the world. While other immigration programs often have very complicated and very often biased policies, Express Entry is open for all.

At the same time, it provides applicants with multiple pathways, making their immigration chances much better than in any other program. Finally, the Express Entry program is virtually free until you actually get selected for immigration. So, you do not need to waste money applying without a success guarantee.

The problem, however, is that all these great benefits also mean that Canada immigration is crazy competitive. The smartest applicants recognize this and so, are quick to take professional help. And this is where ICCRC immigration consultants in India are so important.

But before we talk about the best ICCRC immigration consultants in India, let us talk in brief about the Canada immigration program itself. If you want to apply for it, the first thing you should do is get a general idea of it. Let’s start.

How Can I apply for Canada PR?

If you want to apply for Canada immigration, you must follow the Express Entry application process as listed below:

ICCRC immigration consultants in India

  1. Express Entry Program : Your first step needs to be to make an Express Entry profile. For this, you will have to go to the CIC website and fill out their form. This form will ask you for personal details like age, language ability, education, work experience etc. Make sure whatever info you provide can be validated with the right documents. Otherwise, your profile will not be accepted. After you submit the info, it will be evaluated and you will be given a CRS score. This will be the main factor used to determine your immigration eligibility.
  2. Provincial Nomination Programs: Provincial nomination programs are a list of immigration alternatives for people who want to move to a specific province. Each province has its own set of qualifying requirements but eventually works through the Express Entry program. You will again need to create a PNP profile. If you get a PNP nomination, you are guaranteed selection in the next Express Entry draws. Keep in mind, however, that some PNPs charge money for evaluation without any guarantee of selection. So, it is better to seek professional immigration advice before doing so.

  3. Express Entry Draws :The Express Entry draws are held every 15 days. After you have received your CRS score, you need to wait for the next draw. Once they are held, check your score against the cut-off. If your score is above that, then you will get an Invitation to Apply for a PR visa. If not, then you need to improve it. Also, in case you have a PNP nomination, you are certain to get an ITA.
  4. Canada Immigration : After getting the ITA, you must apply for a Canada PR visa. Once you receive that, you will have 1 year to move to Canada. During this time, you should get all the right documents together like police clearance, financial documents etc. These will ensure your immigration will be smooth. Also, once you get to Canada, you and anyone immigrating with you will have to undergo a medical exam which you must pay for. So, you should carry enough money for that as well. After you get the medical clearance certificate you will officially be able to become a Canada PR.

So, that is the entire Canada immigration process. As you can see, it is best to have professional advice from reliable and reputed Canada immigration consultants in India to ensure success. This is where Talent Connected Worldwide can help you the most. How? Allow us to explain.

What Makes Talent Connected Worldwide the Best ICCRC Immigration Consultancy in India?
  1. TCWW has one of the best track records as Canada immigration consultants. We have successfully placed over 6000 clients in Canada.
  2. As a 7-year old ICCRC immigration consultancy, we are highly-reputed both among clients as well as our industry peers.
  3. All our clients get custom curated immigration packages based on their requirements. This ensures them optimal value for money and minimum processing time as well.
  4. TCWW is based in Toronto, Ontario. So, we are a step ahead of other consultancies in getting vital news, announcements and Express Entry draw details.
  5. Our company is headed by a board of seasoned ICCRC accredited Canada immigration lawyers. Their combined experience, knowledge and connections guarantee you the best immigration advice money can buy.
  6. We provide complete consultations to our clients. So, as a client, you can expect us to help you all the way from making the profile to clearing the medical exam after landing in Canada.
  7. We have easily the clearest and most trustworthy working process. This lets our clients understand how we are helping their Canada immigration dreams and trust us to deliver what we promise.

With such a variety of benefits from our professional Canada immigration consultancy services, it is no surprise that we are the first choice for many. But none of these advantages would be available if not for our sophisticated, transparent and effective working process. Read on to know more about that.

How Does TCWW Provide Exceptional Canada Immigration Consultancy to Clients?

TCWW’s working process is widely recognized even by our rivals as one of the best in the business. We keep it simple – our goal is to help you immigrate. And everything we do for you revolves around meeting that aim. So, let’s look at the most important stages of our working process:

  1. Initial Consultation : The first step is of course when the client approaches us with their case. In a brief but detailed discussion, we get a clear picture of what they want and what they expect from us. We also ask for documents relevant to making the profile and processing the application. Alongside, we ask for a refundable evaluation fee. If we feel that we cannot help the client immigrate, then this fee is returned.
  2. Evaluating Immigration Chances : Our Canada immigration consultants perform a detailed analysis of the client’s documents. They use the info to generate an average CRS score and based on the recent CRS cut-offs, they make an estimate of how likely the client is to immigrate and how we can improve their chances. Once the evaluation is complete, we arrive at a decision and request a private consultation with the client.
  3. Detailed Consultation : At this stage, we inform our clients of our findings. If we feel we can give them a great chance to immigrate, we explain the rest of the process to them. If the client agrees, then we immediately start creating legal contracts. These contracts guarantee our client’s rights to our consultancy and all related factors. After the contract is signed and the remainder of the consultation fee is paid, we begin working towards helping our clients immigrate to Canada.
  4. Ensuring Best Immigration Chances : Our document evaluation helps us further understand how best to help our clients immigrate. We do all the work like making the Express Entry profile, getting the documents verified, looking for a good job through our extensive Canadian recruitment connections and even making a PNP profile if necessary. All our actions are taken only after the client gives consent and is aware of the process.
  5. Express Entry Draw and Immigration Nomination  : Finally, when the Express Entry draws are held, most of our clients get selected. The few profiles that score below the cut-off are further improved with the help of the client to get selected in the subsequent draws. After their selection, we help our clients make the final preparations including all necessary documents and knowledge of the immigration process once they land in Canada. So, our clients have no doubts and always immigrate in an ideal way.

Are you wondering if we are the Canada immigration consultancy for you? Let us help you make a decision!

What Makes Us the Best?

TCWW is the best consultancy for Canada immigration in India. We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their Canada immigration dreams. We pride ourselves on having placed more than 6000 clients in Canada and are always looking to add to that number. We are supremely confident of placing most of our accepted clients because we are led by Ms. Rachal Sidhu. She is an ICCRC accredited (Regn. No. R527196) immigration lawyer. Under her guidance, we can assure you hassle-free selection and immigration in less than a year. If you want to make your Canada immigration dreams come true, then Contact Us Now!

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