The System of Universal Healthcare in Canada


Curious about how healthcare in Canada is? The country treats its citizens and permanent residents alike. So, if you are in Canada and would like to access services regarding healthcare, fret not, check out this blog and know further about it. But, before we start, let us tell you something quickly! There are several healthcare management jobs in Canada if you are looking for one! Now, we can start.

How does the system work?

The system of healthcare in this country is actually tax-funded. Do you know what this means? Well, to say it in simple words, it means that if you are a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada then you can easily apply for public health insurance.

However, if we are talking about the healthcare system in each province, then that works a bit differently. The thing is each territory or province covers non-identical products and services regarding healthcare.

About the health card, well, you receive it once you get registered into the system of the territory or the province you are living in. What is the use of this health card, you ask? Let us tell you. If a person uses this health card then they can simply show it at a medical clinic or a hospital to avail non-emergency services.

Public Health Insurance

Usually and in most of the cases, the person does not need to pay for a few services for health insurance if they have a public health insurance. With these services, you don’t have to pay for:

  • Most of the health care services
  • Even if you don’t have a health card, you can access emergency services. However, there may be a few restrictions in accessing emergency health care services depending on the immigrant’s immigration status.

Now, in case there’s an emergency, you should go to the closest hospital. If you are visiting a medical clinic, which is not in your own province/territory, then you may need to pay some charges.

No matter which kind of health care you are going for , private or public, in both these kinds you will receive health services which are going to be confidential in nature. Without the patient’s permission, doctors in Canada do not discuss any information regarding health with anyone else.

How to access public health insurance?

In order to access healthcare, first apply for a health card in the territory or province you are living in. Now, this health card is bound to come in handy when you visit a doctor or a medical professional. By showing this card you are proving that you are a registered person in the province.

Family Doctor

Many people have a family doctor whom they prefer to go to in case they need medical care. These doctors provide their patients with basic health care services. Such as treating them when they are sick, giving you support and tips to avoid basic health maladies, etc.

Your doctor may also suggest some tests such as blood pressure checks, blood tests, etc. They may also recommend you to see a specialist, if a need arises.

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