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As thousands of immigrants move to Alberta to help with the development of this province, the tradition of immigrants helping to build this province continues. Alberta welcomed 12,743 immigrants last year from the total of 113,699 total immigrants of Canada. This province is ranked 4th for both population and land area but it is considered the topmost province for immigration.

There are seven immigration programmes in total for this province, and they are all divided into two categories:

Streams for entrepreneurs Streams for skilled workers

Rural Entrepreneur Stream

Alberta opportunity stream

Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Alberta express entry stream

Farm stream

Rural Renewal stream

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

One should keep in mind the requirements and criteria specific to each stream when applying through it.

Streams for skilled workers:

This program has a total of three streams, and each of them is designed for skilled workers who want to immigrate to Alberta and work there.

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream – this stream is mainly for those temporary workers in Alberta as a full time employee and wants to become permanent resident of this province and has a full-time job offer from any Alberta employer with eligible opportunity of occupation.Candidates must either hold a valid LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) exemption work permit or have a favorable LMIA result. Applicants must meet other minimal eligibility criteria for residency and work permit type, occupation, language proficiency, education, and work experience and alberta job offer. Before applying, make sure you are well informed about the process and eligibility requirements. You might have only one Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) application open at any given time for any AAIP stream. If you apply for this stream more than once, you will have to first withdraw your previous application. Be all the more certain if you think it’s necessary before withdrawing an application because it cannot be reactivated. You can log into the Alberta Advantage Immigration portal and create a new request through it.
  • Alberta express entry stream – this program allows Alberta to invite a few qualified skilled workers to immigrate to Alberta through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry system. The government may ask candidates to apply if they have shown a commitment to Alberta or if they can support its priorities for economic diversification and growth. You might also be asked to apply under this stream if you graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution. Applicants cannot directly apply for this immigration stream. To submit an application, candidates must have invitations. Only those candidates are invited to apply by AAIP who are capable of meeting the minimal prerequisites for this stream. The applicant will not be allowed to reapply to the AAIP for five years if the AAIP discovers any fraud or scam in their application therefore keep your applications as truthful and real as possible.
  • Rural Renewal stream – The Rural Renewal Stream promotes the recruitment and retention of new residents in rural Alberta through a community-driven plan that meets the needs of the area’s economic development and fosters community expansion. Through this stream, Rural Albertan communities can attempt to retain immigrants who want to live and work there. Discover the requirements for qualified applicants, including the job offer, community endorsement, settlement fund, etc.

Streams for entrepreneurs:

There are four different streams available for entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Alberta and start their own business or buy an existing one:

  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream: this stream is an economic immigration program. Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening their own business or buying an existing one in rural areas of Alberta can portray the interest for immigration through this stream. Candidates must meet the minimal criteria and requirements in order to apply for immigration through this program for example: 
    • One must have work experience of at least 3 years in an active business as a manager/owner or have 4 years of experience as a senior manager in an existing business in the past 10 years. There are other requirements like language proficiency, education, net worth etc. all of these requirements are very important and applicants must fulfill all of them.
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: this stream enables the AAIP  to recommend qualified foreign graduates from post-secondary institutions in Alberta who wish to launch or run a business there in order to apply for permanent residence. The eligibility criteria of this stream is not crucial to meet but one must meet all the requirements in order apply for example: 
    • Complete a degree of education of at least 2 years from outside of Canada.
  • Farm stream: This stream is for business owners who have the capital and farm management expertise to start a new farm in Alberta or buy an existing one. Candidates will submit applications as well as a business plan. The AAIP will discuss your business plan with Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development to make sure that it is worth the investment and meets the requirements of Alberta’s agricultural sector. Candidates must satisfy the following requirements while their application is mailed and being assessed by the AAIP. The fulfillment of these requirements does not ensure nomination or permanent residency. The main requirement of this section is that:
    • One must have some expertise in farm management.
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: this stream is an economic immigration plan for eligible foreign graduates who want to establish start-up businesses and creative business plans. Interested candidates must work with a designated agency. If the agency ensures that the foreign graduate satisfies the AAIP requirements then only the letter of recommendation will be issued. The agency will review your business plan to make sure it is an innovative idea and has the ability to stand tall in the marketplace of Canadian business. They will provide you with a written review of your business plan. In order to apply for immigration through this stream, one must submit this written review. The eligibility requirements include:
    • A minimum of 6 months work experience in a full time job. The job must involve both actively running the company and owning it, or something equivalent.

What are the In-Demand Jobs in Alberta 2022

In-Demand Occupations. NOC 2016 with skill type NOC 2021 with their categories

Restaurants and food services Managers

0631 (A)

60030 (0)

Retail and wholesale Trades manager

0621 (A)

60020 (0)

Administrative assistants

1242 (B)

13111 (3)

Food services supervisor

6311 (B)

62020 (2)

Cleaning supervisor

6315 (B)

62024 (2)

Administrative officers

1221 (B)

13100 (3)

Plasters, drywall installers and finishers and lathers

7284 (B)

73102 (3)

Retail Sales supervisor

6211 (B)

62010 (2)

Transport truck drivers

7511 (C)

73300 (3)

Retail salesperson

6421 (C)

64100 (4)

Jobs that are in high demand typically reflect a shortage of workers in a particular industry. There is a huge need for workers to fill the positions in the aforementioned occupations.

Note: The National Occupation Classification (NOC) system will soon undergo significant structural changes  with the introduction of the TEER system. This change will be implemented from the 16th of November 2022. Every immigration application submitted after this date will be significantly affected. Read our most recent article on NOC on this website to gain a better understanding of TEER and NOC.

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Recent Draws of Alberta:

The most recents draws updated on the 28th of september 2022. The table will also show additional past draws from 2022, along with the CRS score of the candidate who received the letter of NOI and the number of invitations sent:

Date of Draws Number of invites sent (NOI). CRS lowest ranked applicant’s score.

5th January 2022



18th January 2022



1st February 2022



8th March 2022



22nd March 2022



14th April 2022



19th May 2022



16th June 2022



26th July 2022



Usually the draws and CRS score updates on Wednesdays at midnight every second week. Before submitting an application for immigration, be sure to review the most recent CRS score and draws and keep yourself informed.

The overview steps for immigration to Alberta

Alberta has many programs for different types of criteria as mentioned above. Further written steps will guide you through the general steps of immigration to Alberta. None of these steps are dedicated to a specific program or stream.

  • One must submit a PR application within six months of submitting a nomination application.
  • Inform the AAIP and federal authorities of any changes to your circumstances or eligibility requirements that occurred during the procedure.
  • One must maintain the status of living and working in Alberta while your application for a PR is being processed.
  • If any part of your criteria changes and is no longer fully satisfying the program’s requirements, officials might withdraw your application and nomination at any time. Or if any of your claims or paperwork are fabricated and fraudulent.
  • If you have been chosen for nomination, AAIP will email you with information about the same and authorized representatives if you have any.
  • Read the details carefully, and if you discover any inaccuracies in the nomination, get in touch with the officer who reviewed your application.
  • Get a hard copy of your nomination for your personal proof.
  • IRCC will require a copy of you nomination certificate along with your application for a PR.
  • After receiving the AAIP nomination, apply for the PR at the earliest. Your nomination might only be valid for 6 months after receiving the certificate of acceptance. If you were unable to apply for it within the allotted time, they will request that you pay a $100 extension fee..
  • Submit the PR application online. Once you do that, IRCC will determine whether your application is complete.
    • If so, they will send you a file number and instructions for what to do next.
    • They will return your application if not.
  • You and your family members will then undergo medical and security tests. To qualify for PR, you and your family members must pass each test.
  • If you have anything changed in your criteria from the given list below, inform the AAIP and IRCC about it.
    • Address, Phone number, Email address
    • Family status
    • Representative use
    • Immigration status

After all these steps, you will possibly get the permanent residency certificate approved. You will be notified about it through your profile and email. This email will be sent to your authorized representative as well if you hired any that is.

Alberta is one of the most immigrated provinces of Canada. This province receives a lot of immigration for a variety of reasons from people all over the world. The fact that Alberta is one of Canada’s richest and wealthiest provinces is one of the primary causes. This province leads the world in the oil and gas sector, which ultimately strengthens its economy. Not only that, but it is also a very friendly province, and thus it won’t take long for a newcomer to get along here. Since this province has very high living standards, staying here will lengthen and improve the quality of your life. You will have unending support from this province as you work toward a better future for your family and yourself.

This brings this article to an end. Please read the other related articles on this website for more details about immigration to Alberta.

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