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Canada, one of the top immigrant destinations in the world, is renowned for providing equal opportunity to all. Canada offers everything for a higher quality of life, from incredible work prospects and opportunities for personal development to excellent infrastructure and high standards of living. The nation attracts a sizable number of immigrants each year from all over the world due to its general prosperity and immigration-friendly policies.

Why do millions of people from all over the world relocate to Canada in an effort to become permanent residents (PR) instructions on how to obtain a Canada PR from India in 2024 are written below:

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Individuals who are essentially nationals of other nations who wish to immediately become permanent residents of Canada are granted a Canadian PR visa. Most of the social and medical benefits to which Canadian residents are qualified can be obtained through Canadian PR. The PR visa also provides residents with legal protection under Canadian law and permits them to work or study anywhere in the nation. A person with a PR visa has the option to apply for Canadian citizenship after staying in the country for a predetermined amount of time.

How to obtain Canada PR from India in 2024?

You can obtain Canada PR from India in 2024 by following the fastest pathways:

  1. PR under the Express Entry System
  2. PR under the PNP
  3. PR under the Business Immigration Program
  4. PR under the Family class immigration
  5. PR under the Express Class immigration

1. PR under the Express Entry System

Canadian skilled workers can get Permanent Residency (PR) in the country by using the Express Entry program, an online gateway. The steps listed below must be taken in order to submit an Express Entry application for permanent residence in Canada:

  1. To qualify for PR in Canada through Express Entry, candidates need to have their foreign-acquired degree evaluated by an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and obtain IELTS language proficiency results.
  2. Eligibility for federal economic immigration programs (FSW, FSTP, Canadian Express Class) is determined based on factors like language skills, education, age, and job experience.
  3. Candidates must create an Express Entry profile, providing details on education, work history, age, and more to receive a CRS score.
  4. Every two weeks, IRCC conducts an Express Entry draw, inviting candidates with the highest CRS scores to apply for PR.
  5. Applicants have 60 days from the Invitation to Apply (ITA) to submit their Canada PR application with all required documents.
  6. Once submitted and verified, the IRCC approves the Canadian PR visa if it meets the criteria

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2. PR under the PNP

PNP is for those who have the necessary education and professional experience and who desire to live permanently in Canada.

An individual should take a medical examination and have the police verify your background in order to apply for PNP. Also, to apply for a residency in the country, you must first find a provincial resident who will nominate you. You can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residency if you meet all the requirements for PNP.

3. PR under the Business Immigration Program

Canada’s Business Immigration Program welcomes individuals aiming to establish businesses and obtain Canadian citizenship.

Here are the key requirements and steps:

  1. Individuals must have the means to fund or start a business in Canada and demonstrate managerial expertise. Proficiency in English, French, or both languages is also necessary.
  2. After selecting a business, applicants must submit a business plan and a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
  3. Once the LMIA is approved (a 2-3 month process), the investor can apply for a 12-24 month temporary work permit (which takes about 3 months).

4. PR under the Family class immigration

The goal of the Family Class Immigration program is to reunite citizens and legal permanent residents with their immediate family. The program enables citizens to sponsor their spouses, conjugal partners, and children for a predetermined period of time and meets their basic requirements so they are not dependent on others once they arrive in the new nation.

Any relative may be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident under the following conditions of the Family Class Immigration:

  • Sponsors must submit a federal undertaking to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada if they live outside of Quebec.
  • The Quebec Ministry of Diversity and Inclusion must receive a provincial undertaking from sponsors who currently live or plan to move to Quebec.

5. PR under the Express Class immigration

One of the three federal programs that run under the Express Entry system is the Canadian Express Class immigration system. The program intends to give permanent residency to skilled individuals who have accumulated at least a year of work experience in Canada while residing temporarily in the country with work authorization.

Provinces and territories offer the various Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Requirements to obtain Canada PR from India in 2024

A five-year multiple-entry visa that allows talented professionals to dwell in Canada is known as the Canadian PR visa. 

However, in order to be eligible for Canada PR, you must meet the following two requirements:

  • For Canada PR, the applicant must receive at least 67 out of a possible 100 immigration points.
  • If a candidate receives the required CRS score for that year, they will be eligible for Canada PR.

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